Astronomy Club of Augusta

SEED Information
October 12, 2013, Saturday, 10AM - 3PM
set up & registration, 8:30-10AM

If you came to this webpage and would like to volunteer, but are not listed below, please email me.
Please email other corrections.

KennethB L, EddieB XXL, MikeB XL, MarkD XXL, JayD L, HarperD XL, ElisabethH M, LisaSH XXXL, ChristinH XL,
MikeH XXL, DylanH M, Cayden M, StanH XL, TeddaH M, MichelleM XXXL, MikeMc XL, NathanM XXL, RockyN L,
BrandonO S, HarleyO M, RayO XXXL, WesS L, CasselS L, BrendenT XL, DotV L, JohnW XL, DavidY XXL

1. Set up: Stan & Tedda (with help from ALL members)
2. Info Boards, Solar system set up: StanH, KennethB, LalitR, BrendenT, MikeH, HarperD, CasselS
3. Welcome and Registration: LisaSH, ChristinH, RockyN, HarleyO
4. EM Spectrum & Rainbow colors: BrandonO, HarleyO, ElisabethH
5. Bubbles: BrandonO, HarleyO, ElisabethH, DylanH, Cayden
6. Coronados: MikeB, JayD,
7. Scopes with mylar solar filter: ACA Televue-RayO, DavidY
8. Solar Scopes: MarkD, NathanM, LalitR, CasselS, JohnW
9. Welder Glass viewers: MikeMc, ChristinH,
10. Darth Vader Bucket Head Viewers: EddieB, HarperD
11. DAWN Tour Guides: StanH, MikeH
Earth: KennethB, Mars: RayO, DavidY
Vesta: DotV, WesS Ceres: MichelleM, HarleyO
12. Lunch distribution: TeddaH, DylanH, Cayden
13. Pics: Stan

Thank you for volunteering for SEED again this year. It is a great experience.
We can assure first timers that at the end you will feel tired, but rewarded!

Please bring your solarscope, spectroscope, solar viewers, and other solar projects.
Please bring/ help load our completed P. M. Planets and Asteroids.
We will mount them along the road according to relative distance, or at your station.

If you have posters or information that we can put on our Solar Astronomy bulletin board (plenty of room
please let us know, and bring it/them with you, or to our meetings beforehand

Thanks for being involved!

Here are some suggestions to help everyone:

Take care of yourself with HAT, sun block, long sleeve shirt, pants or long skirt,
Bring your equipment, project, etc. - anything about the sun! and/or The DAWN Mission
Come early: We will be here at 8:30AM to
set up equipment, pass out free t-shirts and ID tags, set up posters, get organized.
You will also get a Free Lunch.
Please come and help.

Thank you,

Stan Howard
VP Observing

PS: Our Trivia Question this year: How does the DAWN spacecraft use ion propulsion?

The DAWN spacecraft used ion propulsion
1. to get the additional velocity needed to reach Vesta once it left the Delta rocket,
2. to spiral to lower altitudes on Vesta,
3. to leave Vesta, and
4. to cruise to Ceres.
It will use ion propulsion
5. to spiral to a low altitude orbit at Ceres.

Ion propulsion makes efficient use of the onboard fuel
by accelerating it to a velocity ten times that of chemical rockets.
This efficiency is measured in terms of the specific impulse of the fuel (Isp).
- See more at:
Ion thrusters create very low levels of thrust compared to conventional chemical rockets
but achieve very high specific impulse, or propellant mass efficiencies,
by accelerating their exhausts to very high speed.

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