The Leonid Metor Storm

This November 16-19, 1999, you might be able to witness a major Leonid storm, especially if you are in Japan or east Asia. For those living in North America, the best time to be on the lookout for these stratospheric streakers is between midnight and dawn early on the 17th, when Leo is in the night sky to the northeast. As the constellation rises, more meteors will be visible. According to Leonid experts, observers can expect to see 200 to 5,000 meteors per hour under good circumstances (the higher numbers only apply to east Asia). Of course, the actual numbers are somewhat unpredictable.

Should you miss the Leonid meteors this year, you'll get another chance next year if you live in Europe or North Africa. But if you miss that, you'll be in for a long wait. It will be a century before any noteworthy Leonid meteor sightings are once more in the offing.

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