Nine Mile Range Dark Skies Observatory

The Nine Mile Range Dark Skies Observatory is an open air location
available to the members of the Astronomy Club of Augusta and their guests
for regularly scheduled "Star Parties", and serves the entire CSRA community.

Nine Mile Range is fortunate to be located in an area of dark skies for this area, yet within reach of many to enjoy.
Its open fields provide naked-eye, binocular, and telescopic viewing in all directions.
We have had some of the finest portable telescopes here,
including refractors, reflectors, dobsonians, the 20 inch diameter Obsession, for many eyes to share.
Our ACA members can help you find stars, constellations, galaxies, nebula, clusters, planets, satellites
and other wonders of the heavens, and help you understand their movements.

If you would like to get a good view of the heavens above,
please check our Membership page
and enjoy the Astronomy Club of Augusta website.

Shown here is a satellite composite view of North America at Night, "normal" compared to the 2003 northeastern blackout.
As you can see, our land mass is bright with light.
Although a beautiful photo, this makes it difficult to see from earth out to the heavens.
Cities produce the greatest light pollution.
You can see the Earth at Night here. Learn to reduce/eliminate causes of light pollution here.

Nine Mile Range
near Aiken, SC

Nine Mile Range is a farm, located in South Carolina near Aiken, SC and Augusta, Georgia.
We currently sell meat goats, and sometimes beef cattle, Bantam chickens, ducks and rabbits.