Member Benefits
It supports our excellent monthly programs and speakers.
It provides monthly Sky Charts and special discounts on astronomy magazines.
It pays for your membership to and benefits of the Astronomical League.
It pays for your membership to and benefits of the International Dark-Sky Association.
It provides you with the quarterly Reflector Magazine.
It maintains the AfterGlow on the Web.
It provides access to dark skies.
It organizes club star parties and star counts.
It helps pay for our annual picnic in August.
It enables you to access and borrow telescopic equipment.
It develops knowledge through our Lunar and Messier Mini Clubs.
It encourages the very best among us to continue to develop their knowledge and telescopic skills, which they so generously share with us.
It educates our community on the importance of dark skies and space technology.
Your Club does "stretch" your annual dues a long way, and every penny goes for your benefit.
even so,
Your contribution is important beyond your personal benefits.

Please let us hear from you,
and send us the name of your friends who would like to support the Astronomy Club of Augusta.

The membership of the Astronomy Club of Augusta

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