The Astronomy Club of Augusta

Responsible Lighting
Save Energy
Reduce Light Pollution
Improve Safety
Improve Health
Protect our Environment

turn off - turn down - time - sensor - shield - recess - cover

Check you Home, Neighborhood, Church, Businesses:

Turn Off any light you are not using.

Turn Down the power of light you must use. Replace with a lower watt bulb.

Put a light you use on a timer. If you forget, it will turn off automatically.

Use a sensor or motion detector light, that only comes on when needed, and can be set to turn off within 1-10 minutes. Many sensors include an indoor alarm.

Shield all lights so that they only shine down. We don't need to light the bottoms of birds.

Recess the light bulb so that the shield covers the entire bulb. This lights the ground without glare.

Cover your windows at night, so that light does not shine out.

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