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An Introduction to the Issues of Light Pollution
Economic Issues in Wasted and Inefficient Outdoor Lighting
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List of Supporters

The Astronomy Club of Augusta (CSRA)
Ruth Patrick Science Education Center
DuPont Planetarium
Fort Discovery
Boyd Observatory
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More resources:
Saving Dark Skies
IDA Outdoor Lighting Code Handbook
IDA Slide Presentation
Lighting in Aiken
Better Lights - examples
International DarkSky Association
Outdoor Lighting Ordinance Drafts: sample, ac, ne

Many thanks to the
Aiken County Planning Commission
for getting our dispersed county lighting regulations posted altogether online.
YOU can access them at
Sincerely, ACA Responsible Lighting Committee, May 2008

Congratulations to the
North Augusta Planning Department and Commission
for recommending to NA City Council their first Lighting Ordinances (7.4)
which will improve safety and security, reduce pollution, and save wasted money.
We hope City Council will approve them promptly.
Sincerely, ACA Responsible Lighting Committee, Sept 18 2008
North Augusta City Council unanimously approved their outdoor lighting ordinance.
Mayor Lark W. Jones said "It is a codification of common sense." Dec. 01, 2008

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