A C A Club Star Parties

Club star parties are scheduled
at rural locations on the Saturday evening before or after new moon each month.

These events are opportunities
to see "faint fuzzies",
to learn to star hop in a dark sky,
to look through the telescopes of others,
and to have pleasant camaraderie with other observers.
Members are always welcome.

Club star parties are rarely cancelled
as our Southern skies almost always have something to offer.

However, if weather interferes,
and you would like to come out to observe on another night,
please email us.
We will keep a list, and if there is a group,
we will be glad to arrange additional star party time,
and send out an email to confirm.

As astronomers, we have to get used to the idea that
we do not control the weather,
and take our opportunities to view the heavens whenever we can.

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