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2014 Aps, Astronomy News

Please volunteer: Outreach, 2-Minute Talk, Refreshments

Club Star Gaze
September 20, Saturday, 5:00 PM at NMR-DSO
Moonrise 0300 Set 1623 Dark sky

Bring what you have of planisphere, binoculars, telescope.
Wear socks & shoes.

5:00 PM Please come early to help finalize our SEED projects.
7:00 PM light supper
7:30 PM Club Star Gaze

See Mars and Saturn, even Mercury setting in the west before 8:00PM.
Mercury has taken Mars' place near Spica,
and Mars has positioned itself between Antares, Dschubba, and Acrab in Scorpius.
Al Niyat is a pulsating variable star, mag 3.05.
Find Vesta and Ceres on either side of Saturn (10-4).
Trace the Milky Way Galaxy at its best, pouring out of the Teapot onto the tail of Scorpius,
and steaming across the sky to Cassiopeia.
Learn the names the Teapot's 8 outline stars.
See Capricornus, Aquarius, Pisces, the Great Square of Pegasus, and so, so much more.

Please come, Rain or Shine:
Fun astronomy activities planned for cloudy nights.

Oct.8, Wed. Total Lunar Eclipse EST
Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 04:15:33 Partial Eclipse Begins: 05:14:48
Total Eclipse Begins: 06:25:10 Greatest Eclipse: 06:54:36
Total Eclipse Ends: 07:24:00 Partial Eclipse Ends: 08:34:21
Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 09:33:43

ACA hosts
1. Solar Observing on the Lawn
, 2. DAWN Mission to Vesta and Ceres,
3. NEW HORIZONS Mission to Pluto
, and 4. Planet Walk

for SEED and National Astronomy Day

October 11, Saturday, 10AM-3PM at RPSEC The Public is invited!
Have it both ways: Focus on the SUN!, and out to the Asteroids , and Pluto!
Wear socks, shoes, light clothing to cover, hat, sun block.
For SEED Volunteers

Oct. 19-26 PSSG Peach State Star Gaze at the DAV
Oct.20-21 Orionid Meteor Shower
Oct.23, Th. Partial Solar Eclipse
Magnitude at maximum : 0.34912, Moon/Sun size ratio : 0.94805
Start 17:02:25, Max 17:42, End 17:42

Club Star Gaze
October 25, Saturday, 7:00 PM at NMR-DSO
Moonrise 0814 Set 1908 Dark sky

Bring what you have of planisphere, binoculars, telescope.
Wear socks & shoes.

Beginners to experts can benefit
from the abundance of knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm
at our local meetings and star parties.
Astronomy is not a simple sport. Get help to get good.
Go to our Membership page, and become a member now.

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