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Club Dark Sky Star Gaze
July 07, Saturday 8:30 PM at NMR-DSO
Moon rise-set: 0158 1456 Dark sky

Take a nap in the heat of the day, enjoy cooler temperatures this evening!

Be the first to spot Venus, maybe even Mercury.
That's Regulus right next to Venus!
See how Leo is waving his tail, Denebola, high in the sky.

Arc to Arcturus, speed on to Spica.
Below and slightly left locate Menkent Mag2.05.
Below it somewhat to the right find Omega Centauri, Mag3.7 but so big and beautiful.
Jupiter is higher in the sky, next to Zubenelgenubi in Libra, with Zubeneschamali above.

The Scorpion is standing high, making it hard to shake his stingers, Shaula and Lesath.
Saturn is just above Kaus Borealis in Sagittarius.
Follow the Milky Way through the Wild Duck Cluster, and the Summer Triangle.
Higher up, see Arcturus in Bootes, Alphekka in the Corona Borealis.

Can you find M13(NGC 6205), the Great Cluster in Hercules?
See Rastaban and Etamin in the head of Draco, at Hercules' heel.

Looking north, check out Ursa major, Ursa minor.
Look for beautiful double stars, clusters and nebulae.

Please arrive before dark. Park with your headlights toward the road.
Bring what you have of planisphere, binoculars, telescope, towel to lay on.
Wear socks, shoes, layered clothing.

If it's cloudy,
come for a fun time of astronomy projects and/or movie/s !

Start watching Mars as it approaches perihelic opposition later in July.

Beginners to experts can benefit
from the abundance of knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm
at our local meetings and star parties.
Astronomy is not a simple sport. Get help to get good.
Go to our Membership page, and become a member now.

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ANNUAL Calendar of Events 2018-19 - draft - NEW !!

List of YOUR favorite Speakers, Topics !

ANNUAL Calendar of Events 2017-18
Calendar of Events 2017-18

ANNUAL Calendar of Events 2016-17
Calendar of Events 2016-17

It's that time of year again.
Please support astronomy and your local Astronomy Club of Augusta.
If you have not already done so,
bring your 2018-19 dues to the meeting, and
give/ or mail to Tedda Howard, ACA President, 4327 Williston Road, Windsor, SC 29856
Please include your name, address, phone, email, with your $10 dues.
Thank you.

Planning ahead?
Google search and download Virtual Moon Atlas for free before you come.
On the right, click Ephemeris. Set date (2018 01 19) and time (20 (8PM)). Click Compute.
Click Information. Type in your Crater... Information about it will appear.
It will show it on the moon on the left. Hover with cursor and enlarge for more detail.

Check out Stellarium, a free open source planetarium for your computer. Download for free before you come.

Click to learn more about Light Pollution and the IDA, International Dark-Sky Association

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