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Please support astronomy and your local Astronomy Club of Augusta.
If you have not already done so,
bring your 2017-18 dues to the meeting, and
give/ or mail to John White, ACA Treasurer, 4254 Woodland Drive, Martinez, GA 30907
Please include your name, address, phone, email, with your $10.
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ACA Outreach for Science Day
May 19, Friday 7AM -3PM at Hammond Hill Elementary
Please volunteer: Outreach
Already volunteered: StanH, TeddaH, KennethB, DonH, JohnW, MarkMof, BrunoH, RichB
Thank you!

Annual DAV = Deerlick Astronomy Village Memorial Weekend Picnic
May 28th, 2017, Sunday, 4:00 PM

Sign up / RSVP with Marie at by Thursday, and bring a side dish or dessert for 4-6 people.

If you are going and/or would like to caravan or carpool, please call or email Stan:

I would like to carpool / caravan with you to the DAV Picnic on May 28, 2017, Sunday.
I will be waiting for you at
1:45 PM at your house (NMR)
2:00 PM at HotSpot, Hwy19=Whiskey Road and Hwy 278, near the entrance to the SRS
2:15 PM at Hwy 278 at Mean Jean Subway Gas Station in Beech Island
2:30 PM at Kenneth's House
2:35 PM at I-520 and Wheeler Road First Baptist Church parking lot
2:45 PM at I-20 and Exit 190-Grovetown, turn left off I-20 and go to the Wal-Mart parking lot behind Arbys.
We will leave from there promptly at 3:00 PM.

Thank you,
Name: ______________
Home phone: __________
Cell phone you will have with you that day: __________
I signed up with Marie at the DAV to bring the following side dish: __________
I will bring binoculars, water, hat, towel.

Tedda and Stan: Potato Salad
Kenneth: Cole Slaw

We have had a group attend every year for several years now, and it is a great day. We look forward to your joining us.
Bring binoculars, water, hat, towel.


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ACA Club Meeting
June 09, Friday at 7:00 PM, at AU The Public is invited!
Moon rise-set: 2132-0616 Dark sky, then Lunar/font>

Installation of New Officers

Program: The Egg Beaters of Space

: Helium-Core White Dwarfs, Binaries, and Globular Clusters

will begin with an overview of several topics:
1) What are white dwarfs? How is a helium-core white dwarf different
from a regular white dwarf, and how are they formed?
2) What are binaries? How common are they? What kinds of stars form binaries?
What happens when they get really close together?
3) What are globular clusters? How are different from open clusters in appearance and age?
How do globular clusters change over time?
Iíll conclude by tying these various topics together, and how they relate to the research
I conducted for my masterís thesis on the globular cluster, Omega Centauri.

Speaker: Suzanne Hayward Harris

has had a deep and abiding interest in the science of astronomy since the age of 12.
She received B.S. degrees in physics and astronomy (along with minors in geology & Latin)
from the Univ. of Washington in Seattle and a M.S. degree in physics from San Francisco State Univ.
She has previous taught at Midlands Tech and Augusta University.
Her current goals including keeping up with developments in astronomy & space exploration and
fostering in her daughter a love for all things space.
Suzanne is a long time member of the Astronomy Club of Augusta. We are happy to have her speak.

Refreshments: Maryglenn Brown

Lunar Observing after the meeting
Bring what you have of planisphere, binoculars, telescope.
Wear layered clothing.

ACA Star Gaze
June 24, Saturday at 8:30 PM, at NMR-DSO
Moon rise-set: 0657 2118 Lunar & Dark sky

Bring what you have of planisphere, binoculars, telescope, towel.
Wear layered clothing.

Beginners to experts can benefit
from the abundance of knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm
at our local meetings and star parties.
Astronomy is not a simple sport. Get help to get good.
Go to our Membership page, and become a member now.

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