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2014 Aps, Astronomy News

Please volunteer: 2-Minute Talk, Refreshments

Annual Holiday Club Dinner
December 13, Saturday, 6:00 PM at Bobby's BBQ
Reserve a place for you and your family now.
Moonrise 1535 Set 0446 Lunar

Gift Exchange: $5-15. Host: Cathy Axel
On arrival, your astronomy, science, or other gift will be displayed on the gift table,
and you can choose a number from the pot.
After our meal, you can choose any gift when it is your turn/number. Open your gift for all to see.
You may swap with any other opened gifts.
This makes for a lot of speculation, intrigue, negotiating, and fun!
It's not the gift that counts but the happiness we bring to each other.
All, especially children, are encouraged to make something:
satellite models (many available free online), paper weights, mugs, night lights, or other.

Happy Holidays!

Beginners to experts can benefit
from the abundance of knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm
at our local meetings and star parties.
Astronomy is not a simple sport. Get help to get good.
Go to our Membership page, and become a member now.

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annual Calendar of Events 2014-2015

annual Calendar of Events 2013-2014

annual Calendar of Events 2014-2015