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2015 -2016
Encourage your family to study astronomy!

Minutes 2014-15 May June
2015-16 July
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Please volunteer: Outreach1, Outreach2, Outreach4, 2-Minute Talk, Refreshments

2015 Aps, Astronomy News

Lunar App for You Supernova Erupts in M74
Observing Q&A Sun's Magnetic Field to Flip
Sagittarius Perseid meteor shower
Orion Sky this Month Cygnus the Swan
Drake Equation M29 in Cygnus
Life Cycle of Stars

Annual Club Family Picnic and Perseid Meteor Count
August 08, Saturday, 7:00 PM at NMR-DSO

Moonrise/set: 0033/1432, Dark sky

Rain or Shine!
Invite your family, and astronomy friends
Make plans for a great time, getting to know each other better, eating well,
sharing astronomy experiences, and showing them what you like about astronomy.
Bring your whole family! - Get in on a great experience.

Wear socks & shoes, pants.
Bring what you have of: binoculars, telescope, planisphere, Messier list,
lounge chair, towel, bug spray.

Please bring a side dish to share.
The ACA will provide the Bar-b-cue, via chief Chef, John White.
Sign up now.
Setup, pickles, dessert: S&T Howard
BBQ: JWhite / ACA
Hamburger buns, Condiments (1 each: ketsup, mustard, Baby Rays): MMoffatt
Soft drinks, Sweet tea, 2 med bags ice: KBeard
Chairs: ________
Lettuce & Vidalia onions: MorrisMc
Fresh sliced tomatoes: __________
Tomato/basil salad:_______
Green salad: KarlF
Fruit salad: KathyL
Coleslaw MaryglennB
Potato salad: RayO
Pasta salad: MichelleM
Broccoli salad: TomV
Baked beans: JeanY <&brownies?>
Veggies: ThomasJ
Casserole: Jim/DavidP
3-4Mac&Chez: _______
Corn pudding: _______
Desserts: Cranberry Mousse: Helen & SteveM
Other: ________

Prep your food ahead, take an afternoon nap, and come hungry!

2-minute talk: Perseids

Observe Saturn, the summer constellations, & dim fuzzies.
Can you pick out and name 7 stars in Scorpius?
Learn the names of the 8 stars that form the Teapot asterism in Sagittarius,
at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.
Study Cygnus and M29 near Sadr (See 2013? Sky&Telescope pp.58,63, Stellarium)
Group count satellites.
Group count the Perseids 9PM-1AM.
2013 Total count: 289 ! by Pat, Wes, Stan, Kenneth, Ray, Tedda.
Take part this year!

Monthly Meeting
August 21, Friday,
7:00 PM at GRU The Public is invited!
Moonrise/Set: 1202/2307 Lunar

Program: How to Make an Icy Cold Comet
Since the revolution of Rosetta around Comet C67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and the landing
of spacecraft Philae on August 6, 2014, we have confirmed and learned new facts about the
composition of comets. There are still many questions to be answered.
Stan's practical demonstration of the making of a rocky, snowy, sublimating, spewing comet,
traveling through the solar wind at 33,000 mph from the freezing orbit of Jupiter toward our
hot sun, and back again, will make your eyes pop in amazement. Don't miss this!

Speaker: Stan Howard
Principal Engineer, Savannah River National Laboratory, MS Industrial Technology,
BS Engineering Technology, Texas A&M University '75. Stan saw the 1967 Leonid Meteor
Shower in clear, open, central Texas. He was 15, and he was hooked.
In 1995 he joined the Astronomy Club of Augusta, and set up the web site for the club in 1997.
He kept a record of Comets Hyakatake 1996, Halebopp 1997, Machholz 2004, Panstarrs, Linear,
Lovejoy, and others passing by Earth. Stan has presented astronomy programs to the ACA,
Rotary Club and others, and served as ACA President for three years. He continues to actively
promote science and astronomy understanding by organizing regular club and public outreach
programs as our long time ACA Vice President of Observing.
We are pleased to have Stan present this fun and informative program to us.

Refreshments: Kathy & Victor Levy

Lunar Observing after the meeting
Bring what you have of planisphere, binoculars, telescope.

Beginners to experts can benefit
from the abundance of knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm
at our local meetings and star parties.
Astronomy is not a simple sport. Get help to get good.
Go to our Membership page, and become a member now.

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