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Club Dark Sky Star Gaze
Prep for SEED:

September 24, Saturday 5:00 PM at NMR-DSO
Please come and help.
Light supper provided - Stan&Tedda Howard

Club Dark Sky Star Gaze
September 24, Saturday 7:00 PM at NMR-DSO
Moonrise-set: 0113 1522 Dark sky

See the last of Venus and Saturn, Scorpius and Sagittarius in the Western sky.
Review the Summer Triangle up high.
Marvel the colors of Albireo. Look for Vulpecula, Sagitta, and Delphinus. How about the Ring Nebula in Lyra?
Follow the Milky Way Galaxy from Sagittarius & Scorpius, through Aquila & Cygnus, to Cepheus & Cassiopeia.
Look for Andromeda again, Neptune in Aquarius, Uranus in Pisces, and Ceres later, all to the East.
Watch Perseus rise in the NEast. Check out his purse and Algol, the Medusa head.
Look for Herschel's Garnet Star, beautiful double stars, double clusters, and nebulae.

Please arrive before dark. Park with your headlights toward the road.
Bring what you have of planisphere, binoculars, telescope, towel to lay on.
Wear socks, shoes, long pants, layered clothing.

ACA Solar Observing on the Lawn, DAWN Mission to Vesta and Ceres,
NEW HORIZONS Mission to Pluto
, and Planet Walk

for SEED and National Astronomy Day

October 01, Saturday, 10AM-3PM at RPSEC The Public is invited!
Have it both ways:
Focus on the SUN! and out to the Asteroids and Pluto!
Wear socks, shoes, light clothing to cover, hat, sun block.
For SEED Volunteers

Beginners to experts can benefit
from the abundance of knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm
at our local meetings and star parties.
Astronomy is not a simple sport. Get help to get good.
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ANNUAL Calendar of Events 2016-2017

Calendar of Events 2016-2017

ANNUAL Calendar of Events 2015-2016

Calendar of Events 2015-2016