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2015 -2016
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Please volunteer: 2 Minute Talk

Monthly Meeting:
November 20, Friday,
7:00 PM at RPSEC The Public is invited!
Moonrise-set: 1354 0059 Lunar

Program: Music and the Universe
From the beginning of humankind we have been filled with wonder and amazement
at the beauty and mystery of the firmament. Follow our trajectory over millennia
where the night sky has brought inspiration to composers and interpreters.
Find out about the serendipitous discovery of Radio Astronomy and its impact on our
listening to the stars. Check out the evolution of electronics and music to convey
the sense of Space. And listen to clips of various unique and interesting works of music,
all inspired by the majesty of the Universe.

Speakers: Victor and Kathy Levy
were born and raised in Mexico City. Both were active youth campers, and were
fascinated by the majestic view of the stars. They met in Scouts' Group 88
and shared their love of hiking at high altitudes, up to 18000'. Victor and Kathy
also have a profound interest in music. Kathy attended the Conservatory in Mexico
for classical guitar. Victor plays the piano regularly. They currently sing with the
Augusta Choral Society. Talking about Music and Astronomy only came naturally.
Moving to Augusta in 2004, Victor is an Electrical/Automation Engineer with Elanco
pharmaceutical company. Kathy was a certified Dietician in Mexico and is currently
pursuing a BS degree in Education at GRU. We are happy that
Victor and Kathy joined the Astronomy Club of Augusta in January 2015.

Refreshments: Maryglenn Brown

Lunar Observing after the meeting
Bring what you have of planisphere, binoculars, telescope.
Wear layered clothing.

Happy Turkey Day to you and yours!

Club Dark Sky Star Gaze
December 05, Saturday 5:30 PM at NMR-DSO
Moonrise-set: 0151 1400 Dark sky

See the Summer Triangle in the Western sky.
Marvel the colors of Albireo. Look for Vulpecula, Sagitta, and Delphinus.
How about the Ring Nebula in Lyra?
Follow the Milky Way Galaxy from Sagittarius through Aquila & Cygnus, to Cassiopeia.
Look south for Capricornus, Aquarius, Pisces, and Cetus in a row.
Fomalhaut is further south just below Aquarius.
Scope out Uranus, east of Pisces' pentagon head. Vesta is just above the tail tip of Cetus.
Keep moving east to find 2-point Ares and Triangulum.
Check out Perseus: his purse below Mirfak, Algol the Medusa head, and follow his foot to
the parents, Atlas and Pleione, of/and those gorgeous seven sisters:
Alcyone, Merope, Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Asterope, and Maia.
Wait a while longer and you will see the belt of Orion / the Three Kings rising in the East.
Look north for Herschel's Garnet Star, beautiful double stars, double clusters, and nebulae.

Please arrive before dark. Park with your headlights toward the road.
Bring what you have of planisphere, binoculars, telescope, towel to lay on.
Wear hat, layered clothing.

Come Rain, Shine, or Cold:
Fun astronomy activities planned for cloudy nights.
For undisturbed astro-photography try the back field.

ACA Holiday Dinner
December 19, Saturday, 6:00 PM at
Bobby's BBQ

Host: Cathy Axel

We had a wonderful time last year, and look forward to gathering together this season.

The varied buffet is hot and hearty, with pudding dessert as a big favorite.
Please RSVP as soon as possible, so we know what size room to pay for!
Please bring your gift (see RSVP above), pay for your meal on arrival (about $10,
and plan to leave a generous tip to help defray the cost of the room,
and still have something for their service.
Come and have a good time!

Beginners to experts can benefit
from the abundance of knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm
at our local meetings and star parties.
Astronomy is not a simple sport. Get help to get good.
Go to our Membership page, and become a member now.

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ANNUAL Calendar of Events 2015-2016

Calendar of Events 2015-2016