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1.Solar System
3.Extra Solar
5.Local, clubs
7.Educational for kids
11.Equipment, Programs, Astrophotography
13.Space Missions, Energy
15. 2013-14 Specials
2.Constellations, Comets, Meteors & Stars
6.Calendars, Magazines, ...
8.Earth, Atmospheric Phenomena
12. Responsible Lighting vs Light Pollution
14. Women in Space, Aerospace
16. 2013-14 Specials 2
1. Solar System

Origin of the Solar System
Solar Heliocentric Observatory (SOHO)
Sunspot cycles
Sun: spots, cycle, max
Lives and Deaths of Stars

Welcome to the Planets
The Nine Planets, frequent updates
James Cook, Transit of Venus
Transit of Venus: NASA NA Guide
Mars Exploration Rover Mission
Mars -Encyclopedia info
Mars Hoax-Aug., Really close -Oct.2005
Mars Orbiter to gather data 20050812
Mars Rovers, NASA
Mars Today -Catalog

Asteroids (SEDS Arizona)
Selected Asteroids (geocities.zlipanovic)
Small asteroid zooms past Earth 2004 FH
Jupiter Galileo Mission: Europa
Ciclops, Cassini images, Jupiter fly-by 2000

An Observing Guide to Saturn, S&T
Cassini-Huygens at Saturn 2006
2005 01 16 Sights and Sounds of Titan
Uranus and Neptune in 2013
Pluto Portal
2005 03 NASA's Pluto Kuiper Belt Mission
Quaoar 2002 LM60
Quaoar orbit +
Sedna 2003VB12
Sedna Kuiper Belt, Pluto
Sedna myth
2003 UB313 (Xena & moon Gabrielle)
Potentially Hazardous Asteroids
2. Constellations, Comets, Meteors, & Stars

Measur the Sky/Celestial Sphere, Kaler
The Constellations, dibonsmith
Dolan Constellations
Perseus chart
Monthly Sky Guide

Panstars Comet 2013 (New)
NASA Monthly news (New)
JPL/Cal Tech News (New)
Weekly information about bright comets (New)

2013 Meteor showers (New)
2013 Panstars (New)
EarthSky 2013 meteor watching (New)
Stardate Online
North American Meteor Network (NAMN)
European Space Agency (New)
Armagh Observatory
American Meteor Society (New)

Earth & Sky with Block and Byrd
Star Hustler Homepage

More cool information links (New)
Binary Stars
Visual binary stars (New)
Cygnus the Swan
Double stars and Albireo (New)

3. Extra Solar

Cosmic Voyage
Space Flight Now
Seti at Home
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia
ExtraSolar Planets, History
Oldest Milky Way Planet
Deep Sky lists (Messier, etc)
Digital Images of Sky, Constellations
Constellation photos
Collection of Hubble Images

Planetary Nebulae and the Future of the Solar System

Jack Horkheimer Star Gazer
Astronomy Pictures
Que Tal Current Skies
Malin Space Science Surveyor
Space Telescope Science Institute
Chandra X-ray Observatory
Issy's Skylog
Files to download: time, ...

5.Local, clubs

AL Astro League
Nine Mile Range Dark Skies Observatory
Fort Discovery, National Science Center
Atlanta Astronomy Club
Ruth Patrick Science Education Center
Midlands Astronomy Club
Roper Mountain, SC Astronomy Club
Carolina StarGazers,Rock Hill, SC (No Link Found)
Low Country Stargazers, Charleston, SC

Augusta Sky Clock
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Degrees in Astronomy (New)
Harvard Virtual Library of Astronomy (New)
Arkansas Sky Observatories
CCAS Chester Co Astronomical Society

IDA International Dark-Sky Association
Deerlick Astronmy Village (New)

6.Calendars, Magazines, . . .

Download and use:
Platisphere -monthly
Abrams Sky Calendar
Moon calendar
Atomic Clock

Jodrell Bank Observatory, General Astronomy, The Night Sky This Month
Adler Planetarium, Chicago
JPL Calendar
Saguaro Astro Calendar

JPL News
Sky and Telescope Magazine
Astronomy Magazine
Sky at Night Magazine (New)
Astronomy Now Magazine (New)
Stargazer's Newsletter
Sky Watch
StarDate, University of Texas McDonald Observatory
Science @ NASA

7.Educational for kids

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
NASA Space Place
NASA Solar System Exploration
Jonathan's Space Report
Cub Scouts Astronomy Academics Belt Loop
Enchanted Learning -Astronomy
Amazing Space, STScI (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Athena.Cornell - Mars Mission

. . . and adults
Astronomy notes, Nick Strobel
Astronomy without a Telescope, Nick Strobel
Astra's Star Gate
MISR mystery quiz: Where on Earth?
Monthly Sky Guide
Amazing Space Online Explorations
8.Earth, Atmospheric Phenomena
Atmospheric Optics
Moon Bow
Moon Bow Photography
Moon ring
Astronomy picture of the day
Atmospheric Phenomena
Earth Science picture of the day
Atmospheric Phenomena
How the 12/26/2004 Earthquake (Tsunami) affected Earth
Clear Sky Chart


Virtual Moon Atlas
Lunar Rabbithole 2010
LunarRepublic Full Moon Atlas
Moon Phases
Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table
Lunar calendars
Lunar Perigee/Apogee Calculator
Google Moon
Lunar Phase Pro
Lunar Map Pro
Abrams Planetarium: Index, Moon photos
Close-Up of an Alien World
Take a Moon Walk
Tycho: The Metropolitan Crater of the Moon
Ancient Thebit and Huygens's Sword
Josh Cole's AstroPhotos
Lunar and Planetary Observation,CCD Imaging
Moon features, nightly tour
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon
Inconstant Moon
Sky and Telescope Lunar 100
Lunar Transient Phenomena LTPs
Astronomical League Lunar 100
Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers (ALPO)
Moon forming impact theory (New)
10. Messier (See also 3. Extra Solar)

Messing with Messier games
M42 Orion Nebula Photo of Day
M42 Orion Nebula Trapezium
Messier Marathon
Messier list with constellation location
SEDS Messier Catalog
Messiers by object type: nebulae, clusters, galaxies & other
Messiers by Constellation
Messier map & constellation key (PDF)
Messier Finder Charts 15

11. Equipment for Observing

Obsession Dobsonian Telescopes
Meade ETX Series Telescopes
Orion Telescopes (New)
Celestron Telescopes (New)
Cloudy Nights Equipment Reviews
Telescopes for beginners
How to Choose a Telescope, Orion
How Telescopes Work, Meade
Robin's Eyepiece Page (New)
Ocular (Eyepiece) Basics (New)

11.b. Astronomical Software

Stellarium - Free (New!)
Virtual Moon - Free (New!)
Planet Orbit Simulator - Free (New and very cool!)
Guide, Project Pluto

11.c. Astrophotography

Josh Cole's AstroPhotos
Astronomy Picture of the Day
David Malin Home Page (New)
AAO Malin photos
Catching the Light by Jerry Lodriguss
Astrocables/MAC Hap Griffin
Images Plus
12. Responsible Lighting: Dark Skies vs Light Pollution

International Dark-Sky Association
Sky & Telescope: Saving Dark Skies
New England Light Pollution Advisory Group (NELPAG)
RMA Light Pollution Information
Dark Sky Awareness
Ecological Light Pollution (PDF)
International Dark Sky Association
Estimating Limiting Magnitude
Globe at Night, Easy Magnitude measure with Orion

13. Space Missions
ISS: International Space Station
Greenhouses for Mars: low pressure
NASA MER=Mars Exploration Rovers
Basil Orbits Earth

Energy Sources

Nuclear Technology -wikipedia
Space Nuclear Power Systems
RTGs -wikipedia
Thorium Reactors (New)
Energy from Thorium (New)
14. WIA = Women in Astronomy

History of women in astronomy
WIA Introductory Resource Guide
WIA - Univ.Toronto info

Dorrit Hoffleit
Nancy Roman
Jocelyn Burnell
Vera Cooper
Sandra Faber
Catherine Pilachowski
Sally Ride
Tamara Jernigan

15. 2013-14 Specials

Lunar App for You
Nova Delphini 2013
Supernova Erupts in M74
Observing Q&A
Sun's Magnetic Field to Flip
Life Cycle of Stars
Size & Dark Matter Matter
Perseid meteor shower
Orion Sky this Month

16. 2013-14 Specials 2

Cygnus the Swan
M29 in Cygnus
Drake Equation
Planet Hunter Sara Seager
Voyager1 in Interstellar Space!
Lunar Twilight Rays
LADEE (pronounced: laddie)
ASOD =Astronomy Sketch of the Day