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ACA in the News: All stars for local astronomy club !
Total lunar eclipse

20140122 John Dobson, age 98

From Jim Cadieux: "The link above is the John Dobson obit.
He rated several paragraphs in the New York Times - I particularly like the bit where
he hadn't needed to file a tax return since 1944. I had him over to the house in 1996
when he visited Aiken and gave a lecture at the Ruth Patrick Center.
That was the year he attended the Winter Star Party when he was 80.

RTG development:
20140116 Lockheed Shrinking ASRG Team as Closeout Work Begins

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Hubble Ultra Deep Field 3d


Nova Delphini 2013

Sun's Magnetic Field to Flip
Life Cycle of Stars

Size & Dark Matter Matter


Orion Sky this Month


Cygnus the Swan

M29 in Cygnus


Drake Equation

Planet Hunter Sara Seager



Voyager1 in Interstellar Space!


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LADEE (pronounced: laddie)


C/2012 S1 Comet ISON, update


Genius Materials on the ISS