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*PicS Of ME*

"WOW!" I finaly got aRoUnd to scanning a cOuPlE pics...I have to warn ya'll that I'm not exactly the "mOsT pHoToGeNiC" person it the WoRlD!... I will try to get some better pics A*S*A*P...((so keep cheCking in!)) >:c)

Here I am LiTeRaLLy "cHiLLin" at my BrOtHeR's WeDDinG in hiS LiMo! ((it was like below 20degrees!))

This is me at the 1998 State FoOtBaLL SeMi-FiNaLs in the AtLaNtA DoMe in my "sYrUpMaKeR" uniform!