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*PeOpLe I KnOw*

I have been a "SyUrPmAkEr" for about a year now.... in the beginning of '98 I moved here from BaInBrIdGe... So I will tell u a lil about the people I know from here and about a few of my "BeArCaT" FrIeNdS too.....

{before i start..i want EvErYoNe to understand that anything i say about anyone is not meant to be taken offensivly... it is just how i feel!}

pEoPlE fRoM BaInBrIdGe...

Allison Valter-She is one of my BeSteSt FrIeNdS in the WhoLe WiDe WoRlD!!! I have known "Ally" ever since I was in the 3rd grade, but it wasn't til we were in the 8th grade that we became such good friends. I think if AnYbOdY understands me it would have to be Ally. When I had to move to Cairo it was really hard because I knew that I would DeFiNaTeLy miss her...Even though we don't spend as much time together as we use to I still look forward to the short time we do have together. She is ReAlly CoOl and CrAzy LiKe Me, i guess that is why we get along so well. No matter what happens I will AlWaYs remember her....."I LUV U ALLY!!!"

Danny Meredith-"My FiRsT tRuE LoVe" . Danny & I had our "lil thing" every since i was about 11 all the way until I was 14. I thought that i was "in love" with him...{hehe..CaN We SaY "YoUnG & StUpId!!"}. Well really Danny is a "great guy"... {ahh i hafta say sometin nice b/c I'm tryin not to affend anyone}. He has always "tried" to be such a PlAyA. The other day i ran into him at the movies and he started FlIrTiNg with me..."SoRry DaNnY U OnLy HaD OnE ShOt!"

Molly Cato-Molly is my "G!"...She is SoOo CoOl! Because of her "WiLd & CrAzInEsS" we quickly became friends. I met her the first time that I went to WiNtErFeSt with the Bainbridge Church of God. She is a really fun person who would do almost aNyThInG to get a good laugh. "HeY NiG...WhErE's My ScHoOl HoUsE RoCkS CD?!"

Jessica Blocker-Another "cRaZy bAiNbRiDgE fRiEnD"...I have known her about as long as i have known Ally. She can be a really sweet person. The two of us have had our PrObLeMs...but I think we have worked them out. I have spent many nights hanging out with her & the BaInBrIdGe ReDnEcKs out at the skating rink. I love her mother to she is as CrAzY as HeCk!!!...We have done sOoO many crazy things together that I can't even start to name'em all. "I LoVe Ya LiKe A SiS JeSsIcA!!"

Kim Sizemore-A*K*A "ChIcKeN-wAnG!"...{sorry kim if i spelled yer last name wrong}. Kim is much like a matter of fact, Kim is kinda filling in as Ally's best friend now{u otta see'em play their own version of BaSkEtBaLL toghther....hehe}. She is really kool, and if anyone would "take my place" i would want it to be her!!!

David Driggars-This is a real "SwEeTiE!"....Plus he can be SoOo hurmous sometimes, like when he had a "JeSuS FiSh" shaved into the back of his head!!!Amanda is SoOo lucky to have a BoYfRiEnD as nice as him.

Wade Umbach-Wade is such a HoTtIe!!...Our friendship began after I moved to Cairo. We kinda almost went out once {dangit y am i soo stupid sometimes}. He is really FuNnY & SwEeT, a really fun person to be around. LiKe Kim, he would also do anything for a gOoD LaUgH. "MaN SoMe ReAllY LuCkY gIrL LuCkEd OuT On HiM!"

{if i left anyone out,just remember...I am NOT FINNISHED YET!..and i'll have u soon}

pEoPlE fRoM CaIrO...

Jessica Hurst-I guess that you could say that Jessica was my first true friend that I met at CHS...She can be such a SwEeTiE. If it wasn't for Jessica I would probaly not be in the great church that I am in now. Like me & most girls of our age, she has had her share of boy-problems...But now I think that she has finnaly met someone who she will be happy with. The two of us usually get along pretty good, the only time we ever had any "real" problems was when her brother and I started going out.

Lori Miller-Lori is a pretty neat person. Jessica & her are BeSt FrIeNdS. I will never forget our SiX FlAgS trip last year...Jessica, Lori, & I hung was a blast!!!

Shannon Sellars-A*K*A* "BaKoN!"....Bakon is a pretty good friend of mine. He sits near me in "Ms. Mini's" English class, and along with Milinda & JON BACH they pick on me ALL the time!! =)

William Hurst-I guess you could say that William was my first "Cairo LoVe"...The two of us "went out" last summer. Even though it really hurt me when we broke up, and I said somethings that I shouldn't, I know now that I just have to give up & move on. My only hope is that we can atleast become the friends that we use to be once again.

Tallia Harrel-I believe that the two of us have became really GoOd FrIends this year. She is a really SwEeT PeRson, sometimes i donno what I would do without her.

Robbie Dollar-I donno Robbie that well...but he seems to be a really "NiCe-GuY"...and him & Jenna are the "perfect couple."

Jeremy Connel-Jeremy is such a SwEeTie...He also has his own "LiL CrAzY SiDe" that only his friends know about...{i'll never forget hearing him sing those ChRiStMaS CaRoLs in Ms. Loree's RV on the way back from one of our Atlanta football games!!{it was soOo Funny..of course u know I had to join in also >:OP!}

Lance Gainous-Lance is "the BoMb!!"...he is sOoO fUnNy sometimes...He is also the BeSt trumpet player that I know {well besides Mr.Parisi...and sometimes he comes close to being better than him}. No MaTtEr what he thinks, he will always be my "BuDdIe ;)!"

Chris McCuller-Chris, like Lance & Jeremy, is also a ReaLLy good trumpet player...WE came become pretty good friends this year. When I first met him he seemed to be really quiet & shy but once ya get to know him he can be a CoMpLeTelY different person.

Rose Kilgore-Rose & I have become pretty good friends this year. Dis Girl is really funny & can be "PuCkIn-CrAzY" sometimes {LiKe mE...hEHe!}...She is a SeNiOr and will be graduating this year..."I'm gonna miss you RoSe....aHH but BrAd PiTT Is MiNe!!!"

Lizette Hawa-LiZeTTe is SoOo CoOl!. . .She is an exchange student from MeXiCo....It seems like everytime she is around that she for some sTrAnGe reason can find some of the FiNeSt GuYs! Man I wish I had that tallent!!{juSt AsK RoSe!}..hehe...She will be going back home this summer, I just hope that she will not forget us here in "LiL OlE CaiRo!"...cause I know we will never forget her!!..

Ricky Castello-RiCkY is another really neat guy....I first met him during summer school. Some People think that he is "StRaNge"....but I think that there is no such thing!!...I admire Ricky because he is "his own person"....he could careless what anyone else thinks.

Doug Phillips-when I first moved to Cairo DoUg was like one of "Da BiG SeNiOrS"..alot of ppl told me he was just like a "BiG JeRk" (most of the freshman), but that is kinda understandable..I mean it would have been pretty DULL on that Atlanta trip to 6-FlAgS if he wasn't there to treat'em like BAND-BABIES...really once ya get to know him he can be a really HuLaRiOuS person. . .I will never forget when he made me go to the back of the bus and sing "SeX & CaNdY" while sitting on Heath's lap...instead of being imbarrising, it was kinda funny! >:O} I just hope that I can make the SeNiOrS of 2001 half as fun!.."BaNdBaBiEs WaTcH OuT!!..hehe"

Genna Jones-I met Genna last year in "ScOObY's" class (scooby=Coach Bowers). . .This girl is a tRiP! I remember we use to do aLmOsT aNyThInG in that when Genna & I were supposed to go with the class to the baseball feilds, but instead we went back to the class room & watched "MTV!"...

Ashley Chason-Ashley & I don't really talk much anymore, but she is a rEaL SwEeT-HeArT!!!...

Trey Gainous-Trey is another one of them "IndIvIdUaLs"...that could careless what everyone else's opinion of him is. He is a ReALLy KoOl person. Trey is friends with everyone, I do not know of one person that he doesn't get along with.

Justin Willis-Justin is a "bIg-FlIrT!"...He is also a pretty good friend of mine.

Richard Horne-Richard is such a "sWeEtiE"...he is ALSO really fun to fLiRt with. Even though he seems to be really shy at first, he can still be a really GrEaT friend.

Ivy Regier-Ivy is one ReALLy KoOl ChIc!!...Plus her PaRtIeS are a BlAsT!!!...hehe..

Trey White-Trey is a really neat person once you get to know him. He is Ivy's boyfriend, they look sooo happy together all the time. Because of Ivy we have become pretty good friends.

Dustin Phillips-He is ThE MoSt IRrItAtInG InDiViDuAl On thE FaCe Of thIs EaRtH!!!!{dont worrie, dustin trys to be what he is so there will be no OfFence taken on his part!}...I believe that he will never go through "PrUbItY" & actually "GrOwUp!"

Katie Whitman-Katie is a friend of mine....she introduced me to Ivy & my other "frIeNdS" that i met from the "pArTy."

Matthew RoBinson-I use to think that Matthew was the "HoTTeSt BaBe in ThE 9th GrAdE!"...I think that he is sOoOo sweet. I met him at "Ivy's HaLLoWeEn PaRtY"....We use to go together for like 3 weeks, but we decided that we were just better off "fRiEnDz"....