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*OtHeR PiCs*

Me, Amy, Chelsea, Brian, & Karen at the Nascar Cafe in Nashville, TN last summer.

Me and Jessica Blocker at SkAtEtOwN (in BaInBrIdGe) shortly before I moved to Cairo.

This is a pic of Ally on our trip to "WiNtErFeSt '98"

This was me this last SpRiNgBrEaK in FlOrDiA!

This was me ChILLiN in BO'S HOTT tOyOtA 4x4!

Here's Tallia & Amanda on our trip to the Atlanta Dome!

"LOOK!"...It's Candace, Joy, Hanna, Rose, Lizette & Oscar..chillin' with "ReBeL!" (Joy's HOT truck)=)

{keep checking in!...I'm StILL NOT FiNnIsHeD!!!}