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*LoCaL LiNkS*

Here are some links to some of my Friends' WeBpAgeS....

*~* tHe PeRsOn' *~* FrEaK PAgE!

(this page is soo kewl check it out!)

Trey's Page on SkaTing & StuFF (if yer into SkaTing & Punk StUff this is yer PAGE!)

Je-ika ^^'s Cove (AKA Angel's Cove)

( i helped make this one =P*..well somewhat helped)

The Realm of HR

(thiS is ChRiS McCuLLer's HomEpaGe "ChEcKiT out!")

Flirtsalot's "the Love ZOne"

(ChEckOuT his LOWriDer)

(like EvErYtHiNg else..this paGE IS STILL UnDeR-cOnStRuCtIoN so keep checkin in! and if you would like to have yer page on mine send me the URL and ILL THINK ABOUT IT! =P* ~joni)