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*A LiL BoUt ME*

{i hope to get some PICS soon!}

Well as you should already know I am 15...and that I am, well, A-D-I-C-T-E-D to the "wOnDeRfUl ~cYbErWoRlD~!" So that everyone will know that I am not just some "CoMpUtEr-NeRd",I do enjoy doing things like playing *SoFtBaLL* and *BaSkEtBaLL*... I am a SoPhOmOrE at Cairo High School, and I also play the TrUmPeT in the "SyRuPmAkEr BaNd" {A*K*A* the "pRiDe Of DiXiE!"}....I have been a "sYrUpMaKeR" for about a year now....It has been pretty kool here in Cairo {even if this is a really "small & boring" town}.... In the short time I have lived here I have met some really "wOnDeRFuL & CrAzY fOlKs!"{which you can learn about in my "*PeOpLe I KnOw*" section}