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*bOxErZ Or bRiEfS!?!*


*▀R┼D PITT*-I would DeFiNaTeLy have to say "BoXeRz ALL Da WaY!!!"...nObOdY that HoTT could possibly be a "WhItEieTiGhTy!"

((P.S thankyou ROSE for leavin me BRAD in yer SR. Will! ;))

*MEL GI▀žON*-"OoOohhh YeAh BaBy!!" BoXeRs, BoXeRs, & MoRe BoXeRs!!..{atleast that is the way I would wanna imagine him!!..hehe}

*▀─RT žIMPSON*-Gotta be BrIeFs...ALL "pOtTiE-mOuThEd" spoiled brats like bArT are wHiTeIe-TiGhTiEs! (or not! lol)

*ERIC C┼RTMAN*-Another "pOtTiE-MoUtHeD BrAt!" {nEeD I SaY MoRe?!?}


*TOM CRUIžE*-Tom would DeFiNaTeLy hafta be another one of them "bOxEr-bOyZ!!"

*JERRY žPRINGER-Honestly, i wouldn't even wanna know bout this one...but I would hafta say that he has to be another "wHiTiE" like bArT!

*▀ILL CLINTON*-YuCk!...YuCk!...YuCk!..I aInT EvEn GoNnA Go ThErE! Just ask MoNiCa, she should know..hehe!

*┼DAM ž─NDLER*-"OoOohh My GoD!"...DiS guy has to be another "bOxEr-bAbE!" {he is sOoO cRaZy!!!}

*─USTIN POWERž*-"OoOoOohhh yEaH bAbY!...does he make you HoRnY?...does he?!? Well we aLL know if we saw the don't we?! {LeOpArD SkIn TiGhTiEs!...hEHe!}

*TOMMY LEE JONEž*-GOTtA be a "WhItEiE-TiGhTiE!" But HeY!...No OfFeNcE, he does look pretty "HoTT" in that BlAcK SuIt & RaYbAnDs!!!

*CHRIž 'O DONNELL*-NoW DiS Is AnOtHeR "HuNk!"....BoXeRz! bOxErZ! BoXeRz!{but i sure wouldn't mind "seein 4 myself =OP!"....hehehehe}

*M─RVIN DA M─RTIAN*-NoW DoN'T GeT Me WrOnG Or AnYtHiNg, He WiLL AlWaYz Be MY FaVoRiTe "LoOnEy ToOn" -n- EvErYtHiNg, but with DaT vOiCe of his, he would hafta be wearin' some pretty "TiGhT-UnDiEs!"...don't ya think?!

*TWEEDER*-HmMmMmmm well why don't you just tell me....I donno muCh but i know he lOOks prudY dang hOtt in that BLACK HAT!

"nOw's FoR dA lOcAlZ!"

*MaTThEw RoBiNsOn*-BoXeRz!...bOxErZ!...bOxErZ!!!

*LaNcE GaInOuS*-mAyBe YoU ShOuLd JuSt AsK HiM!...hEHe!{ICQ#20143365}"He SaId He LiKeD'Em SiLk!!!"

*JeReMy CoNnEL*-Well I wasn't exactly sure 'bout this one, so I asked him for myself...he said "BoTh!" {jUsT wOnDeRiNg jErEmY...but do u mean "both at the same time?!?}

*RoBbIe DoLLaR*-wHoAhh!!...I ain't even GoNnA gEt myself in "tRoUbLe" with dis one!...DaT's JeNnA's "bIt-nEsS!"...hehehehe

*RiCkY CaStELLo*-nO OffEnCe "rIcKmAn",but you LoOk like the "wHiTeIe-tYpE" to me!:)(nahh! i'm just kidding!!)

*DuStIn PHiLLiPs*-AS HoRnY as this "LiL fReShMaN" is ALL THE TIME, he would most likely prefer to wear nEiThEr!! {yUcKyYuCkYuCk!!}

*DaViD DrIgGaRs*-"I sWeAr AmAnDa I ReaLLy DoNNo..hehe!!"....BUT David personally told me that he was BoXeRZ ALL the WAY!!! =)

*BrAnDoN BrAmBlEtt*-I thought this was ReALLy cUte....brandon is my ThReE-YeAr OlD Lil nephew and he already has his own prefrences!!. . .he is a BoXeR-BoY all the way. . .startin' out pretty eairly huh?!..hehe...Brandon, yer gonna be a lil HeArTbReAkEr one day!=)luv ya! *aunt JoNi*

{PLEASE email me any CoMmEnTs oR IdEaS you might have!}