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A Place for Single Parents

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Summertime in Atlanta ~ A sticky experience!! We're sweatin' already! But lots of good things to be thankful for - my daughter, our health and my jobs. We're staying very busy these days! Katie is going into 3rd grade in the fall, and she turns 8 in a few days. Her party will be a princess tea party, and it's going to be catered by mom mom's business, Simply Sudi's Tiny Little Tea Parties. Should be fun! Busy summer ahead, but I'll try to keep this site updated! Have a great summer! : )

Happy 2002!!!Hope your Christmas was wonderful. We had a niec one ~ Katie got a huge Barbie condo, made by yours truly - and decorated with gorgous wallpaper, rugs and more! That's been the hit gift ~ she plays with it all the time!! : ) I couldn't be more pleased. She also got rollerblades, clothes, books, more clothes and lots of games. We've had fun playing Monopoly and Harry Potter! 2nd grade is going well. She had her first sleepover party to attend last night. Mommy was a little frantic - but a double date with some new friends made it easier on me!! My 15 year class reunion, which I'm helping to plan, is next month. I'm a bit worried about the lack of responses, but I believe it will work out ok!

Katie is still in acting class and loving it! They are putting on a production in May! Work is busy ~ the first of the year is always a busy time for a church! I want to get away and see a good movie soon ~ Vanilla Sky, A Walk to Remember, and The Lord of the Rings are all on my "to see" list! I've been following the slimfast routine and so far (3 weeks) have lost 10 pounds. That is a great feeling! I'll be out on the beach in my bikini at this rate come August!! : )

It's raining here today, so we are settling in for some serious house cleaning. I'm doing the flylady routine ( and she has worked wonders in my house and my life!! Hope you're all doing well, and feeling lots of love and happiness in 2002. God Bless America!

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Want to mention the best book I've read in a LONG time - The Prayer of Jabez, by Bruce Wilkinson, it's under $10 but will make a profound difference in your life.

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