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Below are a few books you may be interested in reading. This web page takes no responsibility for the content of these books nor is their content intended to offend or judge any existing religious belief structures.

If you have any reading recommendations of your own please forward the title, author and any comments you may wish to share.

LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!! E-mail us at the address below. We will review your thoughts and queries and Post them on this page, along with your first name and initial or Cyber-persona. (Name withheld upon request.)

Then others can E-mail additional thoughts and comments to this page for future posting, or if you prefer you can request that your E-mail address be posted along with your comments or queries.

* All participation and communication to this website including E-mail, constitutes consent to use data collected and/or quote said communications without renumeration in any and all upcoming books or publications. Full names will not be used without consent.

Suggested Reading