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people call me weird, they call me
strange, people call me
abnormal. i just shrug it off and smile.
=) i'm abnormally
talented in my eyes and in my mind.
do people try to mold you into something
you aren't? such as something
"NORMAL"? do people call you
abnormal and yet
you see it as a compliment?
do you write poetry, journals or
have artistic talent
that people call "kinda out there"?
do you admit you're
abnormal and damn proud to be
"abnormally beautiful".
those other people
are only jealous. *grins*

here are some of the images
i have created thus far.

you may use these images from my
files or you may load them to your
own files. whichever.

everyone's abnormal...
we're just first in admitting it.

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