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My Favorite Guys

Well..... These are some of my favorite guys on the net! If you have ICQ, I put their UIN's by their name if you would like to add them...Here they are!!!!!

This is a pic of Blake, One of the sweetest guys I know!! UIN-6798354 Watch out girls.. He's taken... =)

Here's a pic of Blake pitching.

This is a pic of Blake and Jim.

This is a pic of Jim. Isn't he hot?!?! He's a sweetheart too!! UIN-612004

This is a pic of Scott..He's funny,and plays the guitar!! UIN-1198409

This is a pic of Zeb...He doesn't have ICQ.

Isn't he gorgeous??

This is a pic of Chris...He helped me w/ my page! UIN-1212360

Here is a pic of a friend of mine named Ryan. He' really sweet, fun to be around and a cutie too! UIN-12597967

Here is a pic of John *Maestro 411* He is a really sweet, funny and cute guy! Luv ya! UIN-6644609

Where to??

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