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All About UGA

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University of Georgia's Homepage
A page with links to UGA sports, etc.
A photo tour of the campus of UGA
The University Bookstore
An independant student newspaper UGA
A page about the UGA football program
News about UGA

Since there are many people in the world that have not heard of UGA, I made this page to inform them. UGA is the University of Georgia. It is a college in Athens, Georgia. It was founded in 1785. It's enrollment is 30,000. It covers 605 acres and includes 313 buildings. The University covers 43,261 acres throughout the state. Well, I'll stop boring you now. UGA has a mascot- a bulldog- named UGA V (the fifth) Here is a pic of him...Isn't he cute??? He was voted #1 mascot!!

Well, Now everyone can say that they now know what UGA is!! Visit the links above if you wish to find out more. Please sign the guestbook and tell me what you think about all of the pages! Thanks!!!