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All About Me!!

Well, Where to start? I like to hang out with my friends, dance, go to football games, basketball games, baseball games, and hockey games. So, I guess just pretty much any athletic event. Of course, I don't play any sports or anything. I just dance. But, that's pretty athletic itself. I especially love going to UGA football games. They're awesome! Now, I'm about to graduate high school. I'll be on my way to college in the Fall, and no I'm not going to UGA. Weird, huh? I just feel like God is leading me to North GA College. HAHA--me at a Military School! Who would've thought? But, I'm not going military, don't worry. Anyway, enjoy the page and anything else you would like to know, just e-mail me or get in touch with me on ICQ: UIN-3111648...AOL IM: ugafreak78 Talk to ya later!

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