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8/11/99-The two Heisman hopefuls:

Well make that one Heisman hopeful and one also ran. Living in Atlanta and having to hear all of this Joe Hamilton Heisman talk cracks me up. Hell...we all know he's not even the best quarterback in the state. That honor obviously belongs to Georgia quarterback Quincy Carter, who has done more in his one year of college football than Hamilton has done in his 27 years (it just seems that long) at Tech. I think you Tech people need to worry more about keeping him healthy than hyping his Heisman. But keep in mind that Georgia Tech is a school that can't sell out it's home opener the year after they win half of a national championship. So their opinions aren't really worth that much anyway. This will be a banner year for Georgia with a improved defense. Improbable as it is with the loss of the best overall player in college football last year in cornerback Champ Bailey. But being loaded at linebacker and defensive line have a way of doing that. And with the new defensive schemes put in place by the former University of Tenn. defensive coordinator (score Donnan 1-Fulmer 0)that will be more aggressive and get after some quarterbacks and that will help alot against guys like Hamilton and Tennessee's Tee Martin. Running back is a question mark and so are the recievers. Can Jasper Sanks or Patrick Pass step it up to the forms that gave Georgia fans so much hope for them. Or will freshman high school record setter Bruce Thornton step in and take over. My guess is that Pass being the senior will step it up. There have been times that he has flashed brilliance on the field and if he can put it all together this year and have a big year he can vault himself right up to Sunday ball. Reciever's will be fine..with a qb like Quincy throwing the ball and running the show..But i can't help but wish that Hines Ward was still around. But that's the great thing about reciever' can make em. Loosing guys like Vince Faison to baseball and Reggie Brown to his high school senior english teacher hurt. But with 3 other incoming reciever's we'll atleast have numbers there. Which is something we definetely don't have at quarterback so let's all take a moment to say a quick prayer that Quincy doesn't get hurt. As far as the heisman goes probably not Quincy just yet. Sophmores rarely get consideration. But Hamilton--no way--Quincy will stomp you in any player rating system you geeks over there at the trade school can come up with.