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Welcome to the beginning of a new site... This site will start out with just TI 83, 89, and 92, but later on I intend to add the rest of the calculators. Check back almost daily, I WILL be updating this site. If you would like for me to e-mail you whenever this site is updated, click HERE. And in the subject put, "subscribe", or "unsubscribe" if you want me to stop e-mailing you.
Thank you for your suppport,
Chris Moultrie

Enter the archieves, buy clicking on the calculator that you are looking for.

March 7th 8:17pm EST-
Hello. If you are visiting this site. Give me an e-mail. I'm going to try to update. I've been grounded latley, so, I'll try to catch up. Thanks!!!
Chris Moultrie

January 22nd 9:23am EST-
Hey! I haven't worked on this site in a while, b/c no one visits it!! So, if someone actually does visit this site, please email me.

December 22nd 12:15pm EST-
Hey! 89-Basic Section is finished!!! Just a reminder, if you see a bad program on the list, or a good program not on the list send it to me!!!

December 22nd 11:49am EST-
Hey, 89 Basic-Games section is done, I'd appreciate feedback...I'm working on programs, then, I'm off to ASM!!!! Don't forget to sign my guest book!!
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December 21st 9:46 EST-
Well, I got a guest book. So, those of you who visit, sign here.
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December 21st 10:18pm Est-
Hey, this page is site inspector approved!! Yay!! First try too. I'm happy. I also now have a counter, and a find box at the bottom of some of the pages. If you find any problems, send them to me.

December 21st 6:52pm EST-
I finally finished the TI-83 SOS section. I'm not sure if I even will do the Basic Section. That's near 100 programs, 100 programs too many... If I get some requests I will do it, but not unless I get some requests. I'll probably finish the TI-89 section tommorow, and start the TI-92 Section. There probably won't be any more updates today, unless I suddenly realize something that I did very wrong. Don't forget!!! If you do find something wrong, don't hesitate to e-mail me at

December 21st 5:27pm EST-
The TI-83 Ashell Section is done. If anyone has any TI-83 Ashell math programs mail them to me, please!!!

December 21st 4:58pm EST-
I have completed the TI-83 Asm section. I'm also done with the TI-83 Ashell Games Section. I have converted all of the images from .bmp to .gif, so now it takes a few seconds, rather than a few days. =0) Expect more updates today! Is there a program in the completed sections that I don't have that you think is good, or works well, then email me!!!

December 20th-
The TI-Archieves have arised. Hopefully this page will continue for a while. Uploading of files has begun. In the next week all programs for the 3 calculators should be complete. Then a PUD section will follow. Please be paitent while the page is being constructed, if you do find any broken links, please inform me!!!

If you have any problems, programs, bad links, or whatever, e-mail me!!!

Thanks for visiting!!! If you have any comments, questions, ect... please e-mail me at Once again, THANKS!!!!