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Episode II
DON'T WORRY! This page is SPOILER FREE. I don't read any spoilers myself.

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Latest News
12.19.99According to recent news, there are two front runners for the role of the teen-age Anikan: Jessie spencer and Joshua Jackson.
8.23.99More than likely, the release date of Episode Two will be on schedule with original plans.
8.19.99Many are now reporting that the release date of Episode II may not come until 2003, one whole year later than expected. The basis of this rumor comes from a recent interview with George Lucas in which he stated that he wished he "had four years instead of three" to make these films.
8.17.99Will fewer digital effects put the release of Episode II in 2001 instead of 2002? Many insiders now suggest so.
8.8.99Robert Carlyle, though his involvment has been heavily suggested, flatly denies involvment in Episode II.
8.8.99Robert Carlyle, though his involvment has been heavily suggested, flatly denies involvment in Episode II.
7.24.99It has been definitely confirmed that Pernilla August, the Swedish actress who portrays Shmi Skywalker, will appear in Episode Two.
7.23.99There has definitely been discussion between Lucas and his crew and The Full Monty actor Robert Carlyle about a possible role in Episode Two.
7.22.99The newest name thrown around in Episode Two casting is Zorro star Catherine Zeta-Jones. Also said to appear as a female Jedi is the star of the X-Files, Gillian Anderson.
7.20.99George Lucas and his staff have definitely engaged in talks with actor Gabriel Byrne for a possible role in Episode Two. Whether he will surely come aboard the project or not is still undecided, but it is definitely under consideration. From what I have heard, he would make a wonderful younger Moff Tarkin.

What we know
Episode II will in fact take place a decade after The Phantom Menace. Anakin will be roughly 19, Queen Amidala 24, and Obi-Wan Kenobi 35.
George Lucas will direct the movie, which he hopes to film completely digitally. Lucas and his team will leave Leavesden Studios and film at Fox Studio's in Australia. He plans to cast Australians in most of the movie's remaining roles. It has also been rumoured that Lucas plans to use Japanese people.
Lucas has confirmed that EpII will be about the Sith's relentless drive to dominate and Darth Sidious taking over everything. Everything becomes a pawn and "nothing is real." Also occuring is the romance between Anakin and Amidala, the movie possibly concluding with their marriage.
All of the main roles will be reprised by their portrayers, save Jake Lloyd as Anakin Skywalker, who will be much to young to fill the role of 19 year old Anakin.
One problem already being considered is the age factor: How do makeup artists age Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Natalie Portman (Queen Amidala) 10 years when in reality, only several have passed? It is said that the scenes involving Amidala will be filmed late in the shoot so that natural aging can aid make-up artists. It has almost been ascertained that Ewan McGregor will sport a beard in Episode II, helping the character of Obi-Wan Kenobi begin to blend into the character portrayed in 1977 bye Sir Alec Guiness.
What we think
I know all of you have heard the ugly rumor about Leonardo Dicaprio being cast as Anakin Skywalker. It is possible however unlikely that he is being considered. I, however, seriously doubt he will be considered, much less get the part. He was definitely at Skywalker Ranch, but only to see a private viewing on TPM. Lucasfilm staff denies that casting is even started yet. Yet Ewan McGregor claims that he had already been cast as Obi-Wan while casting directors were denying anything had been finalized...Something to think about...
The EpII storyline is still vague, but this much is thought to be true: The movie opens with Mandalorian Warriors in control of Tattoine with a possible appearance by Uncle Owen as one of the planets original settlers. Episode II will finally unravel the mystery of the Clone Wars and the Mandelorian Warriors, possibly with an appearance of our favorite, Boba Fett!
As much as we would all like it, Darth Maul will more than likely not be back in the next episode. Some would like to say that the Maul you saw in TPM was a clone of the real Darth Maul, but this is doubtful. I am sure that George Lucas and his conception artists will come up with some new great Sith Lord for us to love. According to Rick McCallum, the name of the new Sith Lord in Episode II may be Darth Detori. I also heard, and this is probably bogus, that there may be two new Sith Lords in Episode II (although Episode I made it clear that only two Sith Lords can exist at a time). There is something else floating around about computer generated humans, but I doubt that too.
I for one, am not too keen on cloning...period. It is certain that Senator Palpatine and Darth Sidious are one and the same. Sidious is not a clone of Palpatine who chose the dark side.
A possible up and coming main character is the Jedi hopeful turned bounty hunter Aurra Sing, seen briefly in TPM. Click here for the story on her.