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Box Office Archives

7.31.99 - Despite popular new releases such as Runaway Bride, The Blair Witch Project, and Deep Blue Sea, The Phantom Menace ended with an impressive day's total of $1.47 million, keeping it in the #8 spot ahead of Big Daddy and behind Eyes Wide Shut. It now has a total gross of $407.55 million.
7.30.99 - Still in the #8 spot, with a day's gross of $.60 million, TPM brings its total up to $405.18 million.
7.29.99 - TPM maintains its #8 box office spot with $.57. million. That brings its complete total to $404.57 million
7.28.99 - Good news! TPM has advanced two places in the box office ranks to come out #8 today with $.65 million. It's total gross is now $404.01 million.
7.27.99 - With a day's total of $.59 million, TPM is still in the #10 spot with $403.36 million.
7.26.99 - TPM still holds its #10 box office seat, grossing $1.33 million. That brings its total to $402.77 million.
7.25.99 - TPM reenters the box office top ten, grossing $1.73 million Saturday and holding its own against new releases Inspector Gadget,The Haunting, and Eyes Wide Shut. It's total gross is now $401.34 million.
7.24.99 - The Phantom Menace is now the #3 top grossing movie of all time, as it passed the $400 million dollar mark and succeeded the $399 million grossed by E.T.. It is now resting right behind A New Hope.
7.23.99 - TPM needs approximately $1.4 million or more in grosses today to tie for fastest to $400 million. We won't know until tomorrow since Friday's numbers aren't in yet. Its total gross is a little over $398 million. It will probably overtake E.T. by tonight and if not, by tomorrow night. 7.19.99 - A good point has been made: For TPM to beat Titanic's record of fastest to $400 million, it must do so by Friday, TPM's 66th day of release.
7.18.99 - TPM is still in the #8 spot. It has now grossed a total of $395.20 million dollars. By next weekend, it should have passed E.T. as the third highest grossing movie of all time.
7.17.99 - Even though TPM slipped down to #8, it brought in an awesome $2.38 million. That brings its total gross up to $393.35.
7.16.99 - The Phantom Menace's box office position of #5 has been consistent for the past week, a very good sign. It's total gross is $389.85 million.