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Aurra Sing

If you look closesly in The Phantom Menace, during the podrace, Aurra can be seen standing on an outcropping on the right side of the screen, watching the pods race by. She is a female bounty hunter who is very successful and very feared. Before she became a bounty hunter, she was a Jedi hopeful. Perhaps she is on Tattoine after killing a Jedi, Sharad Hett, who was hiding there among the Tuskan Raiders. It is rumoured that she may form an alliance with the Jedi in Episode Two, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Aurra now has her own Dark Horse Comic series.

For more on Aurra, go to her first unnofficial fan site, Bounty of Sabers.

Here is a full picture of Aurra detailing her atire.

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