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Queen Amidala

Queen Amidala wasn't always a powerful and grand figure. She was raised by her parents in a simple mountain village and partially instructed by her grandmother. Once she was recognized as exceptional, she was given the finest eduaction and became Princess of Theed at age 12. When the ruling monarch of Naboo, King Veruna, who had been caught up in political scandel for some time, abdicated the throne, Amidala vied for the position. At first, some scoffed at her and mocked her young age, but soon everyone began to see what a skilled debator she was and her supporters became increasingly proud of her youth. Winning by a large margin, she was elected Queen of Naboo, though not the youngest monarch to every hold the throne.

The citizens of Naboo have great faith in Amidala and trust her decisions, but they begin to have their doubts. How will their young Queen defend them when the Trade Federation's vast droid army invades their planet and the capitol city falls? When Amidala is captured, they wonder if she will escape and desert them. Still they have faith, and they see that her heart remains true and she fights for their freedom 'til the end. In the first major crisis she faces, she conquers.

Amidala, stature wise, is rather petite and of small bearing. Her regal attire and elaborate headpieces demand respect while making her appear larger . Her face paint, a Naboo tradition among rulers, helps to keep her detached and helps hide her feelings. Very fashion conscious, she and her handmaidens see to it that she donns a different gown for every occasion.

Perhaps the most unusual outfit worn by Amidala is the one she chooses to wear when she addresses the Galactic Senate involving the invasion of her planet. Ornate suspensas hang from her temples, the Royal Sovereign of Naboo medal sits on top of her head, and as with all of her other attire, two red circles dot her cheeks to display symmetry while the "Scar of Remembrance", marking Naboo's time of suffering before the Great Time of Peace, splits her lower lip.

When Amidala flees to Coruscant, she meets with Senator Palpatine while wearing the above gown. It includes a Shiraya fan headdress and Veda pearl beading that frames her face. The large sleeves and wide waitband give it a bold and dramatic touch.

When Amidala first meets with her captor, the evil Neimoidian Viceroy Nute Gunray and during her flight to Tattoine, she (although as we find out later it is really her handmaiden Sabe) wears a woven black gown with golden underskirts and a black feathered headdress with red and golden filigree ear coverings. The somewhat harsh look of the gown and its black color seems to reflect Amidala's mood and the dire state of her planet.

For the celebration after the Trade Federation has been defeated and driven off Naboo, Amidala wears a pale white gown that is modeled after a rare flower. A halo-like Aurate fan of ancient fashion, symbolizing continuity, is attached to the back of her gown. The only jewelry she wears here is the Royal Diadem draped across her forehead.