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The Rules for Playing in The Den.

The Den
The Den is an online Role-Playing chat group, and as a Roleplaying group there are a Few Rules one Must follow. This allows for a Good Game, fairness, and teamwork. . . Yeah that's right . . . Teamwork.
It takes a team of players and a good coach/team-member of a GM to make a Good Game. If one of the team is upset, or doesn't like the style of play, then the game goes to crap, and Nobody has any fun. So it is of great importance to work together.
Of course your allowed to have an opinion of your own, just don't mess up the other players fun by doing something In Character to ruin or end the Game prematurely. That's not only bad Game Play, but rude and selfish as well.

The basic rules are simple enough, as they follow White Wolf's table-top rules-system very closely.
The only exception isThe Golden Rule. This is what each GM uses to define their style of game play. Now it shouldn't be overused, or abused. Rules were made to be followed or bent. . . Please try to stick with them, following them as closely as possible.
If anything should come up, concerning the rules, conduct of players, conduct of GM's, problems with the Games in general, etc that cannot be solved otherwise, Please, Please Contact me at so I might clear up the Issue. I want my site and its chat to be Fun, productive, and entertaining. Any comments and/or criticisms will all be heard, and responded to as soon as I can answer them.

The Golden Rule
For those of you not familiar with The Golden Rule as it applies to Role-playing games, it simply is a rule to change rules.
If a rule does not fit into a GM specific style, or mode of play. . . this describes also how much easier/more difficult the game is depending on the situation. . . The GM has the option to bend, meld, twist, or just throw out the offending rule. But, as I've stated before, there are some rules that must be aheared to. . . These are White Wolf's basic Rules.

The Rule of One
One's are evil. . . they are thieves, and nasty as can be any number found on a die.
This is directly taken from White Wolf. It is the basis to this style of game.
You are alloted a set number of dots. These dots correspond to the number of dice one rolls in order to achieve a certain action. The GM sets a difficulty number, which you try to roll. You must roll that specific number or higher on each die in order to achieve a success. You Do Not add up the numbers on the dice, but you do count how Many of that difficulty number or higher you scored.
Here's where one's come in. . .~shudder~.
If you roll a one and no successes you botch, aka your character has really messed up whatever it was they were trying to accomplish.
If you roll a one and at least One success, your character only fails at what they were trying to accomplish.
If you roll a One and two successes, you barely smidge by, as the one takes away a single success.
For each one rolled, a single success (the highest number rolled and then on down the value scale) is taken from you, so the more ones you had verses any successes, the worse off your character is in what they were doing at the time.

The Dice
As stated above, you are given a set amount of dots for your character. These correspond to how many dice you can roll for any one action. BUT, Since this is online, you will send a number sequence to your GM, who will then add or subtract a number form all the numbers and determine wether or not the action succeded.
This is to keep the game fair, and impartial.
Sue has three dots in physical and two in Athletics (the two catagories the GM asked for, for the 'roll'). That's 5 dots, aka five numbers (ranging in value from 1 to 10), Sue must now send to her GM. So she picks, 1, 4, 6, 3, 3, and sends them to her GM.
Now the GM has picked a number (again ranging from 1-10, rounding back around to one and vice-versa. . .instead of counting from 10 to 11, it would go 9, 10, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc) to add to Sue's numbers (this time around, next time it'll be either a different number, or subtraction instead of addtion, or both).
Next the GM sends back Sue's New numbers, with a description of the scene and the corresponding re-actions of those in the area.
Let's say the modification number was 5 and the difficulty number is 7. That means Sue actually got a 6, 9, 1, 8, 8.
So she got 2 successes, as the 6 wasn't high enough to be counted a success, and that the 1 took the 9 (the highest number).

Breaks are very important, as they let players rest and relax a bit out of character. Plus, if you are online for 8-more hours at one time you might just get a headache or something from the eye-strain. (lol) I've known people to get online and never leave the computer, Or the chat room until a power-outage, a burnt-out fuse, or some mishap (or distraction) knocked them off-line, or just off the computer.
So every 4-5 hours or more everyone should get a half-time breather (like that's ever going to happen) for about 3-4 mintues or more. Go get something to eat, drink or...whatever. Chill for awhile.
Break Out of your character's persona and remind yourself that's its only a game. Sometimes roleplaying can be stressful or even angering. . .but just remember. . . its only a game.
I am stressing that you should, and GMs should do their best to comply. Just type in brb (be Right Back) or afk (away from Keybaord) to let others know your taking a break. Try to do this at the same time, and set a time limit on the break so everyone can get back into the game at the same time. A GM should also wait until all the players are back, to re-start the game (if someone is taking too long the GM has the option of re-starting without them and then adding them in later as they-GMs-see fit).

Time : In Game Time Span
Time in the game is divided up into 5 sections. Most of the story is in 'Real Time', aka however much time passes while talking or doing things passes normally.
~is one unit of time within a scene.
~is composed of several turns.
~is one part of the greater Story, at the end of each characters recieve Experience Points.
~is the cumilutaion of several chapters, and is a complete Tale within itself.
~is a series of Stories, vastly tracking the characters' lives, usually connected to a broader theme.

Trait Ratings
Traits are those things, not including Backgrounds, that have dots/points. Most are rated from 1 to 5, with 1 being lousy, and 5 being the Best There Ever Was, And Will Ever Be.
Normal humans range from 1 to 3, with 2 being average and generally just okay. Any higher and that particullar trait is considered to be above average to extremely gifted. Like for example, an Appearance of 5 would be of a drop dead, beyound supermodel, make all the sexes drool, gosh I wish I was that person, beautiful.
those with ratings/dots from 1 to 10 are the same basic concept, but on a larger scale.
Those who have 4 or more can specialize in a certain thing. This drops the difficulty of the specific action/ability specialized in by one level, and on 'rolls' of 10, you can choose another number (aka roll that die again Sam). *Again, GMs discretion on this one.

The Character Sheet
When you first sign up for a character, I look over it and determine wether or not you followed the rules for character creation, and if it is acceptable, I send it to The GM in charge of the Game.
They then have a copy of all your stats, Merits, Flaws, etc for their Reference.
You are also sent a character sheet containing the approval, and/or corrections and questions about the character.
The better the background story, the more experience points you'll get at the end of you first Story. I also give out points for pictures, and links to character-specific pages.
All characters will go up in the Registry, with their game-group/Chronicle, background stories, pictures and links.

If you have any other questions regarding this Room, just E-mail Me.

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