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The Song of The Trinity Pack

There is a Translation, If you Cannot Read/Understand This Song, at the bottom.
It is read as first line following the next. Example line one, then line 1 and 2, then line 2 and 3...

of the ages
Long past
Lives re-lived
These events
The Old Ways
Of a New Age
of a new time
to sing
the tales
of valor
within. . . ,

and Glory
in battle
against the Wyrm
trying corruption
of souls
of Gaia's defenders
of the Ways
of all Garou
are only one
race. . . ,

Of a Nation
of others
who do battle
the Wyrm
who butchers
that is composed
to benifit
our Mother
Gaia. . . ,

Who chose
my exsistence
as a Garou
the Galliard
of my pack
combined of three
of the Trinity
makes the whole
of our beings
who listened
without bias
that has shattered
the First Pack. . . ,

Of Garou
who fight
amongst ourselves
become corrupted
by our doings
of wrongs
that harm
and the Mother
of all
must band together
as one
pack. . . ,

One Tribe
protecting Gaia
our Mother
who birthed us
who are now born
into this world
because we engage
each other
and not the Wyrm. . . ,

That destroys
all reality
Produced by Wyld
who manufactures
and consumes
by Weaver
who constructs
for Wyld
is chaos
that is tamed
by Weaver's Webs
by Wrym. . . ,

Twisted and Vile
corrupted power
of the Balencer
gone insane
we must fight
to survive
the Coming End
of the Old Ways
of a New Begining
with us
who shall combine
as one force. . . ,

Of Gaia's Will
we battle
as one
until The End
of all
of us shall see
new light
let it rise
into your Hearts
of your Souls. . . ,

Made for War
of the Mother
of us all
who fight
in Challenge
of trespass
of Territory
to listen
and not battle
the Beast
our Souls. . . ,

to Songs
of challenge
to give ear
to the Tales
that bring dread
of the Beast
within us All
of the Evening
of Darkness
of Soul, of Spirit
of Battles
fought in Glory
in Triumph
with Honor and Wisdom
over Evil. . . ,

and Wrym-Minions
with Wyrm Magick
producing Wyrm Spawn
We fought
with great Valor
within us Courage
to risk
seek goals
of true Unity
of Spirit
Within. . . ,

Our Souls
that Rage
over hated Enemies
became friends
before the Change
of Understandings
My Comrades
whom I trust
Gaia's Knowing
who we are
meant to be
Friends. . . . ,

Of a Magick-User
spiritually seeking
Higher Knowledge
is Power
of a Singer
To the Angelics Above
him and his Powers
seeking increase
of responsibility
for children
not of his flesh
of a Father
who took in
these younglings none-the-less
he is a fighter
of the Wyrm-Ridden
who wish evil
on all
of Xavier's
Companions. . . ,

Of a Lion-Skin Changer
of the Ways
Of Cat-kind's
as the Silver Fang
and Ragabash sly
are her ways
of prowess
and Enigmas
in her past
of defeat
an ex-lover
turn's Spirals
down into the Wyrm
that corrupts
her joy-filled life
of bliss
in believing
are kind
of Ways
that decieve
the heart
of the Change
forced through her ex-lover
who harmed her
loosed the Change
of Understanding
her Mother
is Sweet Gaia
us all
are friends
of Alexandria's
Compainions. . . ,


songs of the Ages,
Ages long past. Past Lives re-lived,
Lives Relived these events,
These Events portrayed
Portrayed the Old Ways.
Ways Of a New Age,
Age of a new time.
New Time to sing,
Sing the tales,
Tales of valor,
Valor within. . . ,

Within Honor, and Glory.
Glory in battle,
Battle against the Wyrm.
The Wyrm trying corruption,
Corruption of souls.
Souls of Gaia's defenders,
Defenders of the Ways,
Ways of all Garou.
Garou are only one race. . . ,

One Race Of a Nation,
A Nation of others, who do battle,
Battle the Wyrm!
The Wyrm who butchers all,
All that is composed,
Composed to benifit,
To benifit our Mother, Gaia. . . ,

Gaia, Who chose,
Chose my exsistence,
My exsistence as a Garou
A Garou bard, the Galliard,
Galliard of my pack,
My Pack combined of three points,
Points of the Trinity,
The Trinity makes the whole.
The whole of our beings.
Beings who listened,
Listened without bias
Bias that has shattered
Shattered the First Pack. . . ,

The First Pack of Garou.
Garou who fight,
Who fight amoungst amongst ourselves,
Ourselves become corrupted by our doings,
Our Doings of wrongs,
Wrongs that harm,
Harm ourselves, and the Mother.
Mother of all,
All must band together,
Together as one,
One pack. . . ,

One pack, One Tribe.
One Tribe protecting Gaia,
Gaia our Mother,
Mother who birthed us,
Us, who are now born into this world.
This World dying,
Dying because we engage each other, and not the Wyrm. . . ,

The Wyrm that destroys.
That destroys all reality,
Reality Produced by Wyld,
Wyld, who manufactures, and consumes,
Consumes Reality,
Reality Frozen,
Frozen by Weaver.
Weaver, who constructs,
Constructs cells, for Wyld.
Wyld is chaos,
Chaos that is tamed,
Tamed by Weaver's Webs,
Webs Catabolized, by Wrym. . . ,

Wyrm, Twisted and Vile,
Vile, corrupted power,
Power of the Balencer,
Balencer gone insane.
Insane destruction,
destruction we must fight.
We must Fight to survive,
To survive the Coming End.
End of the Old Ways,
Ways of a New Begining,
Begining with us,
Us who shall combine,
Combine as one force. . . ,

Force Of Gaia's Will.
Will we battle?
Battle as one?
One Power.
Power struggling.
Struggling until The End,
The End of all.
All of us shall see, new light.
New Light within.
Within, Peace,
Peace, let it rise,
Rise into your Hearts,
Your hearts' of your Souls. . . ,

Your Souls Made for War,
War breathern,
Breathern born of the Mother,
Mother of us all,
All who fight.
Fight in Challenge,
Challenge of trespass,
Trespass of Territory,
Territory respected.
Respected, to listen,
Listen and not battle.
Battle the Beast within,
Within our Souls. . . ,

Our Souls Listen.
Listen to Songs,
Songs of challenge.
Challenge to give ear, to the Tales,
Tales that bring dread,
Dread of the Beast,
The Beast within us All.
All Sing,
Sing tales,
Tales of the Evening.
The Evening of Darkness,
Darkness of Soul, of Spirit.
Spirit of Battles,
Battles fought in Glory,
Glory in Triumph,
Triumph with Honor and Wisdom,
Honor and Wisdom over Evil. . . ,

Evil Wyrm-Kine,
and Wyrm-Minions.
Wyrm-Minions with Wyrm Magick,
Magick producing Wyrm Spawn.
Spawn We fought,
Fought with great Valor,
Valor, within Courage.
Within us Courage to risk, ALL.
ALL seek goals,
Goals of true Unity.
True Unity of Spirit,
Spirit Within. . . ,

Within Our Souls,
Souls that Rage,
Rage over hated Enemies.
Enemies became friends before the Change.
The Change of Understandings,
Understanding My Comrades,
Comrades whom I trust.
I trust Gaia's Knowing,
Knowing who we are,
We are meant to be, Friends. . . . ,

Friends Of a Magick-User, spiritually seeking.
Seeking Higher Knowledge.
Knowledge is Power.
Power of a Singer,
Singer to the Angelics Above,
Above him and his Powers.
Powers seeking increase.
Increase of responsibility,
Resopnsiblity for children,
Children not of his flesh,
Flesh of a Father,
A Father who took in, these younglings none-the-less.
None-the-less he is a fighter,
A fighter of the Wyrm-Ridden,
Wyrm-Ridden Nephandi, who wish evil,
Who wish Evil on all.
All Friends of Xavier's,
Xavier's Companions. . . ,
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