Haha. It's October 2005 right now and I just remembered my old site. I thought I'd check up on it to see how it looks now. God this is crappy. I'm almost ashamed to claim it as my own. If I cared enough, I'd completely revamp it. But I don't. So I won't. I did fix a couple of the subpages because the formatting was off as well as fix this page here. Don't expect any more updates though. I think the site serves its purpose. It's got a lot of the old Raws and Nitros from 98-99, the height of the Monday Night Wars. I really took a roundabout way of creating the site back then. Anyway, since you managed to find the site somehow, enjoy it for what it is. Click the banner below to head to it. Remember, the site was made in 1998. I was 15. Be gentle.

All the wrestling you will ever need