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Sylia Stingray

Sylia Stingray is the beautiful, brilliant, enigmatic leader of the Knight Sabers. After years of suffering she has built a wall around herself and could easily be considered cold and unwelcoming. At times Sylia is referred to as the Ice Queen, a nickname taken from all the times she showed an utter lack of emotion.

Sylia was presumably born in the year AD2010, although some contest this number and call it unaccurate due to the possibility that she is a Cyberdroid. When Sylia was twelve years old (again, presumably) she witnessed her father's laboratory burn down. Soon she received a Data Unit detailing her father's work and theories on powered armor. All of the information from the Data Unit was instantly 'dumped' into her mind. Along with the information was the image of Brian J. Mason, the man who had shot Sylia's father to death.

In the year AD2030 Sylia had completed the Hardsuits, the powered armor she had created from her father's designs, and began to search for women to fill the positions in her team of mercenaries, the Knight Sabers. She chose Priss, Linna, and Nene for the talents that each possessed, from marksmanship to computer skills. By AD2031 the Knight Sabers were operating. However, it was then that all the mysteries began to rise to the surface.

As a rule, Sylia does not socialize and is the one Knight Saber who does not meet with the others for extracurricular activities on a regular basis. She is, as stated, cold. Sylia never sheds warmth on the others save for the moments when they are most vulernable, and it is at these moments that Sylia knows she can manipulate them and use them for her own purposes. While all this goes on, Sylia knows that she is wronging her teammates, but she also realizes that it is the only way that the Knight Sabers will remain an effective defense for Mega Tokyo.