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The Story of Bubblegum Crisis

Mega Tokyo, AD2020. In a laboratory in Tokyo a team of scientists bring to life a once inanimate object. It is an android, called a Cyberdroid. Though only a simple prototype, the possibilities for something much stronger and more intelligent lie within reach. The head of the project, Doctor Katsuhito Stingray, has finally created the one thing that man was never supposed to create: Life.

Two years later GENOM obtains the rights to the Cyberdroids. Distressed by the misuse of his creations by the company, Doctor Stingray voices his opinions to the public. He claims that GENOM is turning his valuable tools for humanity into prostitutes, thieves, and murderers. The Chairman of GENOM orders Doctor Stingray's assassination. On a night in that same year, Brian J. Mason pulls the trigger of a single handgun and sparks a chain of events that may never end.

It is soon afterward that the Doctor's daughter, Sylia Stingray, receives a Data Unit containing information on her father's research on Boomers and powered armor, plus the images of his death scene. All of these disturbing thoughts are planted into her mind, and with them are born a vengeance and a hatred for GENOM. Sylia Stingray is willing to create the Hardsuits, proving herself an unrivaled engineer, and in the year of her twentieth birthday she has accumulated the supplies she will need to begin her revenge.

In order to carry out her plans, Sylia recruits three other women: Priscilla S.Asagiri, Linna Yamazaki, and Nene Romanova. With Priss and Linna for combat and Nene for the technical aspects of warfare, Sylia can easily defeat the combat Cyberdroids. She only needs to train her commrades and acquire the last contacts and supplies she will desire for her plans.

In AD2031 the Knight Sabers are finally a reality.