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Nene Romanova

Nene Romanova's parents were well off and in good health. Nene went to an all girls school where she excelled in her classes (despite the fact that she skipped them periodically) and her love of computers had developed into a truly useful hobby. She had learned skills with technology that most people never dream of. Nene was happy, enjoying life, and more or less fulfilled.

When Nene was about seventeen years old she broke into the AD. Police records and faked her age to get a job as a dispatcher. Things were going well for her. Then she discovered a 'help wanted ad' on the internet and simply could not resist seeing what it was about. As it turned out, this ad was a highly complicated, encrypted message that only a master hacker could ever hope of cracking. After a little work Nene broke through the ad and found a message waiting for her: 'I WANT YOU!' The message was from Sylia Stingray, a clear invitation for Nene to join the Knight Sabers.

Nene is very naive and innocent compared to the other Knight Sabers, particularly Sylia, who, ironically, seems to be the one Nene is most fond of. Nene is not always accepted as an equal by Priss and Linna due to her severe lack of physical combat skills but she serves as a mole inside the AD. Police and a great hacker, giving Sylia time to accomplish other deeds rather than spending it on the computer. Nene is the second most computer literate Knight Saber, after Sylia, who designed all of Nene's most powerful machinery. Nene is a kind, caring individual who loves to help others and enjoys knowing that someone will benefit from her being a part of the Knight Sabers.