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Linna Yamazaki

Linna, like both Sylia and Priss, was orphaned at a young age and forced to fend for herself. Linna was fifteen at the time, older than the other two, and naturally optimistic, making it easier for her to deal with the loss of her parents, who had been killed during a Boomer rampage. Linna got jobs, made friends, and moved along with the flow of life, all the while keeping herself in shape in case the chance of a lifetime, to become an entertainer, came about.

Linna was athletic and loved dance and martial arts. All of these things were combined to make her a great dancer. She competed on pageants and won the title of Miss Tahoto All Raisin Princess. When Linna's long-awaited 'change of a lifetime' came along, that to be in an exclusive dance troupe, Linna auditioned, putting forth all her talent and abilities in a show for the judges. They were not impressed, however, and Linna did not get the part. She was devastated until Sylia Stingray approached her and offered her a job with the Knight Sabers.

Because she is 'normal' in comparison to the other Knight Sabers, Linna is also at times referred to as shallow. She does not see herself as noble, does not spend her life contemplating revenge, and is not a justice seeker. She does what she thinks is right and believe to be the best for others. Linna is a good person who likes to help others out when they need it. Though not as passionate about her work as a Knight Saber as Sylia, Priss, or Nene, Linna contributes with her humanity and caring attitude.