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Welcome to the Ranks of RASA, The frist of many rhydin space Empires. This is the frist, and so far the only Rhydin guild that has traviled past the land of rhydin, and alsmost it its moon, Rhyist.

Our formost goal is to birng a peace to the land below, and form a wall between The Mentai and other forces that wish to harm the land below for its riches.

The land of Rhydin is a land fulled with many differnt races. This land named Rhydin... Its... "its a land one fulled with worlds, all put into one land, and with this land with differnt life, all life lives the same" Said a man that came from earth to this land.

The RASA will pertect all, save all, and kill all evils that wish to kill the people, good and evil of rhydin, with every ounce of breath they have. We, the elders of the Great RASA will being forth meaning in our wars. We Fight only for what is good for our land below, even if most of our kind has never been to the land below, we all know that we all came from there, the hand of Rhydin, and we all know that we must all pertect it with our very lives.. our blood shall spill not for ourselfs, not for a meaningless goal, not for power, but for peace, and the happeniess of the people that live below us. As we live if the Mako-powered magic homes in space, As our little one grow up in the land of Rhyist... Rhydin's Moon... We all will fight.... not for ourselfs.... but for the people that we shall never know.. or even see there face.

RASA has a small Guild in Rhydin, whitch helps us if a Mentai group gets past our weapons and onto Rhydin. The Mentai would try to make a grand guild, only using some of there hi-tech weapons, not all. Most Mentai think that they most take a planet the way that there planet was tooken. There planet was tooken by a force that

A Landed on there land, making a normal Guild for themselfs.

B used not higher tech, but equle yet more powerful weapons to take over there land, one small guild at a time.

The Mentai have done this for years over years. There main goal is to show the worlds of witch they seen from there land how it feels to be done this way. The Mentai Mages sent Massges to the Mages of other worlds, asking for help when the force overtook there land. all that the mages said back is "We will try to send help"
Space travel couldnt be done by most worlds. so little help came to the Mentai. The worlds who did help the Mentai ran in fear, seeing the full power of the Force.

The Mentai have tooken over 6 worlds. Each one now a slave planet, as there homeworld, Mentaeis, is now. Each planet makes there weapons, ships, even breads there warriors for them. The Mentai.. have more Mentai people living, then there are stars and space in space... The Mentai are an powerful force.. always fighting the Force taht took there planet... always seemingly to lose..

RASA Units.

  • The RASA Navy
  • AeroTech Fighters
  • Macha Force
  • Space Marines
  • RASA Sp Forces