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Love Poem's

I made this page in hopes to inspire you to give love a chance. I know it can be hard at times, but as it says up there ^^^^.............To live life without love, is to not live at all. I hope you enjoy these poems as much as I enjoyed writing them. :o)


You seem so close, yet your so far away.
My heart yearns to be with you, with each passing day.
Your sweet embrace, your gentle touch.
Your caring words, they mean so much.
Writen By: Grace Christman

The wind blows through the tree, like a whisper soft and warm.
I close my eye's and think of you, and see a shadowed form.
The moonlight cascades it's light, shinning on you from above.
The stars twinkle in your eye's, and tell me of your love.
Writen By: Grace Christman

From the moment I saw you, I knew in my heart,
That I didn't want to be without you, Never far apart.
My heart sings with joy and gladness, It soars to no end.
With these words I say to you, On them you can depend.......
Writen By: Grace Christman

I will be adding more poems as much as I can. My inspiration for the Poems are due to my husband Scott, and my wonderful friends,Kathy, Frank, and Roy. I hope everyone visits often. Sign my guest book as well. Thank you again for visiting and come back soon. :o)

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