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Caroline's Oficially Unofficial Space Cases Site

Caroline's Oficially Unofficial Space Cases Site

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I just made this page and it's called "my babble page". It's about me talking about whatever I want to talk about to the world. Please look at it. it's so much more intersting than it sounds.

NEW UPDATE! I put Tato's stories in my fanfic archive! They are really good. Please look at them here Second Chance, or The Enchanter of Foz. Or you could just go to The Fanfic Page.

Update! I made this new page called The Answer To The Love Triangle. Go. I think you'll like it.
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I have currently been appointed Vice President of the Shooting Star Space Cases Fanclub. Kelly is the president. If you would like to join this club please e-mail me at We are going to get an interview with Kristian Ayre very soon.

Also check out the As close to Official as we'll ever get Space Cases Webpage It's not quite official because it's not made my Nickelodeon, but it IS made by Peter David and Bill Mumy and they ARE the official creators of Space Cases. Anyways, it's not much now, but it is supposed to be really cool in the future.


P.S. For all the people with WebTV, Look Ma! I'm on the television!!!

*Intresting fact* Did you know there's a record company named after me? Ok so maybe it's not named after me but...... Caroline Records

PS-Ben Folds Five is on this record company. I love Ben Folds Five! They are the most awesome band! They sing Brick in case you were wondering.

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Sorry, I just like Suzee.

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