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~ July 1998 ~

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This month has flown by us ... I hate to see it go so quickly, but it is gone and there is no getting it back. No getting it back to redo whatever it was we messed up, to resay whatever it was we said and didn't mean to. Gone, but not forgotten. I will forever remember this month.

Joseph "moved" to Florida to start his new life. I don't think he likes it very well. Going to Florida for him was always having a good time, so I suppose he thought moving to Florida was gonna be fun as well. I think he has changed his mind and wants to "come home" to step right back into his life right where he stepped out of it. We have all waited for him to make this decision. I just want this for him: I want him to be happy, I want him to soar with the wings we so chose to raise him with, I want him to achieve the goals he has chosen for himself, make a career he will be proud of ... Yes, he misses us. All of us. He misses his life is what he misses. I think he will be home in September. When he left here, with luggage packed, he said to me and I quote: "Momma, sell my old car, its ok, I will get a new one, but please don't go giving away my bedroom for awhile" ... Looking into my sisters front yard, I see that old car. There is bound to be a student who would love to have it. Or perhaps someone would like to make a race car out of it. It did its job for us. And now it is for sell. It is a 1980 Grand Prix. Blue in color. A part with green color. A part with white color. A part with a different blue color. It is for sell. I have not put the signs in it yet nor advertised it. Cause to me it is like finalizing that last year of high school. Finalizing an era of my life. The bedroom is the same. We have not "given it away" yet. So, here we are preparing to go out and buy him a new car ... new meaning different ... not a 1999. Hey, wait! Chuck? May I get the '99 and Joseph can have mine???

~*~ big smiles ~*~

We are off on vacation the last week of July. We plan to tear up the west coast of Florida. We will travel to Sanibelle Island, where we will spend some time and then make our way back up the coast ending up in Pensacola. I know. I know. Last year I remember the incident but I been working on that attitude thing. I promise u all that know me, I promise to mind my own manners and keep my hands to msyelf.

~*~ bigger smiles ~*~

I had a good month in the beanie baby business. Sold some, bought some, traded some and gave some away. I love beanie babies. I do not know the exact reason why, but I do. Do you have any beanies?? On my itinerary I plan to do a bit of shopping on my trip in Florida. But rumor has it beanies are hard to find there! What a mission!!!




Whilest I am away from my home, we have two sitters there. One for the dogs and one for the birds. We are such a fortunate family to have these pets that we could not allow them to have those weekly feeders! So, it seems everything is taken care of.

While I am away, I will miss my friends, family and loved ones. I wish you all a great week and remember to stay sweet!

See ya later, Georgia! Hello Thonotosassa!

... thanks bimsan for the train background and icons ...

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