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My Little Heaven

What's up? Thanks for taking the time to read up on me. My name is Amy and I live in Georgia. Well, obviously you are here to learn a little bit about me so here it goes...

I think my one of the greatest gifts I have is that I make friends very fast. I think I get to know people easily because I am extraordinarily open with them from the start. I fear little. I wear my heart out on my sleeve. I'm a paradox. I'm a giver. I try play by the rules. I am passionate and compassionate. I do the right thing most of the time...even if it's the opposite from what I want. I'm definitely not shy. I try to accept people for who they are. I like having real conversations...I also believe I am blessed...that I lucked out at birth, yet again sometimes I find myself feeling like a failure because I have yet to reach my potential. I don't own a whole lot, but what I have is nice. I think there is only one way to care about someone and that is all out. I believe feeling love for someone is not a matter of receiving it, rather feeling love is simple as a matter of giving it. I can dance like a motha f*!$#. I use to date a lot but not so much anymore...not sure why. I am goofy/crazy and don't care what others say about me being that way. I am confident in what I do and care a little about that. I have four younger siblings that are better than great. I can talk for hours about the socio-economics of the Middle East or what jelly goes best with peanut butter. I am very honest...a straight shooter...the problem is honesty can sometimes hurt peoples feelings. I'm a feeler, but I spend a lot of time thinking. Actually, one of my biggest faults is I over think things. When I say: "I'm often my own worst enemy", I mean it. I believe in the kind of love you see in the movies. I might end up alone because of it, and maybe it is all Hollywood, but one thing I know for sure is - if you don't believe in that kind of love you sure as hell won't experience it. ...Almost everything in life begins with a belief.

I find people that hide stuff are hard to trust. Fortunately or unfortunately, I subscribe to the thought that when there is smoke, there is fire. Believe the things I say because I don't have the ability or desire to bullshit for long periods of time...I'd be exhausted. I hope to be seen as the person that I am, the good with the bad. Obviously, I have nothing to hide!

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