These are some poems either I or .. someone else has written (the ones not written by me will have the author's name underneath it).


If valleys could cry from the depths of their sin

If dogs only barked so that we understood

If wars could be fought for one side to win

If only you, lover, could love me.

If seas could have whispered a word of fare-well

the moment that somebody drowned in their waves

If only the flowers could know how to tell

If only you, lover, could love me

If cities remembered the times that they lost

If only the sun could write down what she sees

If ghosts could imagine that they are not ghosts

If only you, lover, could love me

If only the stars in eternity lived

If only the dead didn't rot in their graves

If only God got what he wished he'd achieved!

If only you, lover, could love me.

Crying is hard alone


I woke one morning, gay and light

And saw I was alone

I saw the morning shining bright

But crying is hard alone.


I walked outside and down the steps

The stairs unknown to me.

I saw the blue sky and it's depths

And all I saw was she,


Her golden smile, a heart-shaped face

It all belonged to me

A tender touch, and words of grace

She came to be the key


I walked and saw the sun above

And felt the beams that shone

I felt a crying lust for love

But crying is hard alone.


She was my light, my dance and song

My morning and my night

I knew it wouldn't last for long

This lovely, tender sight.


I thought that she would leave me soon

Like it used to be before

But she did not turn to the moon

She didn't leave by the door


She didn't shut the sun to black

It made that on its own

She didn't mean to cause my lack

God did it all alone


She left me silently with grace

One morning bright and clair

For death was laid upon her face

And rested always there.


She died from me, my love and song

Without a word or kiss

I knew it wouldn't last for long

But not that the end was this.


She taught me how to laugh and cry

I never knew such love

I asked you why she had to die

The sun still shines above,


But now its beams are far away

And never will be close

My love, my life has gone astray

Was this the path I chose?


I walked along the riverside

I heard a lonely tone

Telling me to end my stride

For crying is hard alone.

Nothing helps


I don't know where to start

I could say the words you love to hear

I don't dare

It frightens me, knowing you are there


I don't know where to start

You are too much for me to take

Your heart is far too easy to break

It makes my own heart shiver

Stay awake...


I don't know where to start

I could tell you all I long to know

Tell you that I love you so

Instead I raise my glass, and go


I don't know where to start

I could let you help me live

Show you all I want to give

But I've ruined all you've tried to love

You've realized you can't take care of


I see:

I should tell you I love you so -

instead I face my fate, and go


To Mary


I sleep with you and wake with you,

and yet you are not there;

I fill my arms with thoughts of you

and press the common air.

Your eyes are gazing upon mine,

When you are out of sight;

My lips are always touching yours

at morning, noon, and night.



Tu es Gavroche, le gamin de Paris

Tout petit, mais grand aussi

Tu es l'idéal pour tous les gamins

Toujours heureux, gai et certain

Tu es Gavroche, le gamin de Paris.

Je n'ai que toi, dans ma vie.



It's cold, my love

And I can see your head hang low

Cold, not like icepools nor like the snow

Cold, not like a shove,

Cold like a hand of emptiness

Or carelessness

Cold like you never felt, my love

My love, stay warm, stay warm

Keep the winter far from your eyes

Don't let it bite you, my love

My love, keep warm inside

My love, don't ever let it come

Never let it in your home

When it is welcomed it does take advantage

Of its host...

Ungratefulness, my love, you surely know the word

It's not a thing you've never heard

It's the way the winter is to be,

It's made to be that way, you see

My love, stay warm and stay inside

Because outside you lose your pride

Stay with the ones you can make warm

And keep the cold far from the door,

My love.



I cut myself today

I don't know why

I saw my blood flow

dripping to the floor,

and I cut deeper

It became a stream

which colored my carpet

I watched it wide-eyed

It left my body

amazingly strong-willed

I will do it again tomorrow.

Maybe I will learn

and leave my body, too

There is a kingdom...

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