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DIALOGUE 11: Maria Gavroche

The year of 1830 (ca......)

(All the ABC friends are gathered in their cafe, talking and listening as usual. Enjolras is having a small and unofficial speech to some people ‘visiting', Grantaire is talking to Marius and trying to get him to drink, and others are sitting in corners talking to each other eagerly. Courfeyrac and Bahorel watch Grantaire cunningly. The door opens from time to time; people come and leave; and the room is then filled with cold blows. Suddenly it's Gavroche who opens the door and enters, hollering and smiling and shouting for people to pay attention to him.)

GAVROCHE: Hullo! People!

GRANTAIRE: (raising his glass, grinning) The urchin! What a surprise... I would suspect you to be in a bar at this time of day.

GAVROCHE: I have not yet picked up all of your habits.

(Courfeyrac smiles and stands up, walks over to him)

COURFEYRAC: Gavroche, hello! what do you want here? Do you have an errand or are you simply honouring us with your company?

GAVROCHE: I hope that sarcastic tone you had there wasn't meant to be heard. Why d'you ask me what I do here; standing here yourself?

COURFEYRAC: You use your mouth in a good way, gamin...

GAVROCHE: I never said I didn't pick up *some* habits! (smiles and sits down) Oye, Grantaire! Send over that bottle of something you have! It's too damn cold outside to live properly without a warming drink now and then!

GRANTAIRE: (gives him the bottle) Leave some, gamin. (Leaves out the door, rambling. Enjolras watches him leave, then stands up and closes the door after him. The people he was talking to, among them a quite young girl, stare at him wide-eyed and admiring, and Gavroche notices this. He walks over to the girl and whispers to her:)

GAVROCHE: If you are hoping on something more than a speech, give it up. That's all he does. We are beginning to think of him as -- unable --

BAHOREL (sitting near enough to hear): Don't you have any respect for the leaders of the land (lol)! (nods strictly) I shall have to teach you. (Turns away) By the way girly, he's right.

GAVROCHE: (grins) Bahorel I doubt ever seeing you teach me *anything*!

BAHOREL: Is that so?

GAVROCHE: You should know it as well as me.

BAHOREL: (smiling all the time, joking) I do not believe that we two have the same definition on what ‘teaching' means --

GAVROCHE: *I* do not believe I want to learn what yours does mean! (He taps Bahorel's head and sits down again, the girl watching him irritated. She is quite upset with his lack of respect for her new-found hero.. When Enjolras returns, she says:)

GIRL: Sir, this child insulted you deeply. I have to say I am sorry to ever have heard such accusations.

ENJOLRAS: (not very interested) What did he say?

(Gavroche watches them and clicks his tongue)

GIRL: I do not find myself in the condition of even mentioning it... (flirting a little, thinking he must know what he asks of her)

ENJOLRAS: (seeing the humour of this...) But if you want me to take action I must know all what I am accused of.

GAVROCHE: Take action!? You! All you do is talk! (He laughs)

ENJOLRAS: (watches him with a smile, but also with a strange light in his eyes) That is simply because these are not the times to take action. To do something there has to be a time for it --

GAVROCHE: We're losing the timing, ‘Sir'... (smiles, means no harm)

GIRL: Don't you talk to him as if he was below you!

GAVROCHE: No I will leave that for *you*...

ENJOLRAS: We will all lose our timing if we act without reason. Do you think we can handle everything ourselves, us people in here? What is it that you want yo see done, gamin? I talk, but to make people understand how they live -- how we live -- no doubt, how *you* live. You are being treated unfair, Gavroche, even more than the rest of us. But you cannot run into the streets alone with one gun; you are wise enough to know such a thing. Although I can clearly see you doing it...

GAVROCHE: (whistles) Whoa, Enjolras... I'm only saying these things to bother you!

ENJOLRAS: I think I am aware of that --

GAVROCHE: (interrupting, playing) I know something you could do that's not just talking!

ENJOLRAS: (looks at him)

GAVROCHE: Do something with *me*!

COURFEYRAC & BAHOREL: Let us, let us! We've longed for it for ages!

ENJOLRAS: (ignoring them) What do you mean?

GAVROCHE: I need to know how to write. At least that's what you told me before. I can't teach that to myself and you can forget my father (laughs), so here I am, all yours!

COURFEYRAC & BAHOREL: (almost sadly) You take him, Enjolras! We thought me meant something physical! Give him to us when he gets to cheeky! (they smile and grin and laugh....)

GAVROCHE: (shouting) I can outrun you old guys in a second! (laughs back)

ENJOLRAS: Gavroche --

(Gavroche pays no attention to him anymore. Enjolras tries to make him listen for a while, but now the gamin and Courfeyrac are having a fight on the floor and Enjolras stands still, waiting. Finally, Courfeyrac lifts up Gavroche and places him on a chair.)

COURFEYRAC: There, fast, get a rope!

ENJOLRAS: Gavroche --

GAVROCHE: (to Courfeyrac) If you tie me down I will come back in your nightmares!

ENJOLRAS: (coughs)

COURFEYRAC: I never *have* any nightmares!

GAVROCHE: I will give you plenty!

ENJOLRAS: HELLO! SHUT UP! *Are* you present??

GAVROCHE: (looks at him, wide-eyed) Huh?

ENJOLRAS: I will teach you how to write!

GAVROCHE: Oh - (thinking) Is that question still alive?

ENJOLRAS: Yes, it was a swell idea. I am sorry I have never done it before, I will as soon as I get a chance.

GAVROCHE: (stands up) Nah -- you'll do it as soon as *I* get a chance. (grins widely and walks to the door)

BAHOREL: Are you leaving? Where are you going?

GAVROCHE: You remind me of my mother. I am going to the streets.

BAHOREL: Don't sell yourself then (laughs)!

GAVROCHE: I'll give it a second thought. (He smiles and leaves, singing, guess what; yeah - la faute a Voltaire..... Enjolras stands still and watches the door for a long while.)

BAHOREL: Hey, Enjolras! Don't take it so hard! You can't lecture everyone! He's a hard case!

ENJOLRAS: (to himself) That's not what I am thinking of... He needs no lecture. He needs the ability of proving that he *is* someone.

DIALOGUE 12: Mademoiselle Ann

The Reunion ****

(Many years have past and Cosette now finds herself in that wonderful place known as heaven. She is happy to find that she is surrounded by many friends and loved ones. They welcome her joyfully and embrace her with many hugs.)

Marius:(Kissing her on the cheek) Cosette, my love, my dear, you've come at last! I've waited so long...

Cosette:(Smiles with happiness) Oh, Marius I've missed you so. (Grasping his hands) Ever since the day you left me I've been so lonely, with the children gone and myself in an empty house. I longed for the day that we would be together again. (Pausing) And finally the day came when I new that I would be leaving that world and entering the next! Only to see you again! ( She embraces him quickly) And now I've come home!

Enjolras: (Appears out of the light. He has been standing by watching the whole scene from a distance) Ha, I told you she'd finally come, old chap! (To Cosette) He's been sick at heart since the day he arrived. Never talked about nothing more then his beautiful, sweet wife...

Marius:(Interupting) And your still lovely as ever! ( He runs his hand through her hair)

Enjolras: We thought he'd worry the saints crazy with his constant pleadings and sorrows. (He silently strides away)

Marius: I felt so guilty for having died first and leaving you all alone. I thought that we should have died together on the same day, the way we always planned! I never realized what had happened until I awoke here.

Cosette: But now were together...

Cosette and Marius: Forever! (They embrace again)

(They are interupted when Marius quickly recieves a light tap on the shoulder. Marius turns around and looks into the calm but cheerful face of Valjean)

Valjean: Excuse me, but...

(Cosette's face brightens up as she reconizes who it is)

Cosette: Oh, Papa! (She throws her arms around his neck)

Valjean: My god! Cosette is it really you I finally see again before me?

Cosette: Oh, yes Papa, I've come home! (They take a minute to laugh and reflect)

Cosette: You left me so soon Papa. Just as Marius and my life was starting and...

Valjean:(Placing a finger upon Cosette's lips) It was my time... I was an old man.

Cosette: Oh, I never got to tell you how thankful I was. Everything happened so fast! You saved Marius' life... You saved... mine. I never got to tell you... Never got to tell you how much I loved you... And all the children, your grandchildren, if you could only have seen! Oh, how they would have loved you. You were always so gentle, so kind, and so loving...

Valjean:(Tears begin to form in the corners of his eyes) My dear, sweet Cosette, how I would have loved to see. I loved you so much. You were my pride and joy. You were my life! (Turns away) Towards the end I became so stuborn and selfish, I realize that now! You had become a beautiful young woman and I didn't want to give you up! You... the soul purpose and joy of my life. I felt that nothing was left for me. That prehaps you didn't love me anymore. Oh, how wrong I was! How awful I behaved! Can you ever forgive me Cosette?! (Tears begin to stream down his face)

Cosette: Oh, Papa of course I can! (She places and arm around him) How can you say such things! I love you so much! ( She kisses his hand) Nothing past matters anymore.

(They hug and heavenly voices can be heard rejoicing in the backround)

Marius: So we have all been reunited!

(A soft, clear voice answers from the light):Not quite yet...

(The clouds part and a beautiful. bright spirit emerges. It is Fantine. Valjean smiles and Marius blushes taking a step back. Cosette stands amist the group and looks at this figure in utter amazement. She pauses and then seems to laugh in pleasure as a young child would do)

Fantine:(Opens her arms) Come here my child. (Cosette rushes to her and embraces her mother in joy) My daughter, my love. It has been so long since I've held you in my arms.

(They hug each other as tears fall from Fantine's eyes. Cosette rests her head upon her mothers shoulder)

Cosette: Oh, Mama it's been so long. I have so many questions and answers that somehow seem wrong! Many things I never knew. I never knew you...

Fantine:(Drying her eyes on Cosette's hair) My little girl, my dear, little Cosette. The time we spent together was so short. I never intended for it to be that way. I only wanted what was best and I never wished for you to be hurt!

Cosette: It's all right! (Sniffles) It wan't your fault. Things turned out for the better, and yet somehow... I've felt through my whole life that you've always been there, beside me, guiding me...

Fantine: I've watched you from above your whole life. Watched you change from a sweet little girl into a beautiful young lady and finally into a strong, goodwilled woman. I could ask for no more... Only thanks for the the kind Monsieur Madeleine and your husband, Marius who looked after you and took such good care... Oh, Cosette I love you so much...

Cosette:(Looks into her mothers eyes) And I the same!

(Everyone smiles at teach other)

Fantine: Now, we are all reunited!

Dialogue 13: Azelma Thénardier

(It is a dark night. Eponine sits, alone, on the curb with her head in her hands. She has just shown Marius the way to 55 Rue Plumet)

Gavroche: I told you it would never work, 'Ponine.

Eponine: (looks up, sees him, and recognises him) Oh, shut up, Gav. (wearily)

Gavroche: (sits down beside her) Why are you so depressed?

Eponine: (bitterly) Oh, it's stupid, ain't it? I show him the house, and then I get upset because he goes inside.

Gavroche: But I don't have a family or parents or a home, and I ain't never depressed.

Eponine: (a tad bit sarcastically) Have you ever been in love with your family, parents, or home?

Gavroche: (shakes his head) Maybe I'm just a stupid street gamin.

Eponine: Oh, Gav, you're not. If you had any other parents but ours, they would love you. You're a great kid.

Gavroche: No, I'm not; I steal, I lie, I pickpocket. All said, I'm a street rat. I'm trash. But, (lifts his chin) I don't care if no one loves me! I don't need love!

Eponine: Gavroche Thenardier, you listen to me right now. You are NOT trash. And as for no one loving you, I do.

(A moment of astounded silence. Gavroche turns an astonished face to Eponine.)

Gavroche: said you.....(he almost can't say it) you said loved me. (Dead serious, none of his usual joking.) Eponine....I think.....I think I love you too....only, I never was loved I don't really know.

Eponine: (softly) It's strange, isn't it?

Gavroche: Yes....(he looks like he's about to cry for one of the few times in his short gamin life) I thought before that it wouldn't really matter if I died in the barricade.....but now that I know you love me......I'm not so sure......but I have to fight! I have too! (A single tear slides down his cheek) Goodbye, 'Ponine!!! (He runs off toward the barricade)

Eponine: Gav!! Wait!! Come back!! Gav!!! GAVROCHE!!!!

(He is gone.)

(Guess did I cry at that one... red.)

DIALOGUE 14 - Maria Gavroche

Éponine, Marius, Gavroche

AGAIN, the year of about 1832. Marius has fallen in love with Cosette, but he has not met her at 55 Rue Plumet yet. Éponine, of course, is already in love with him, and he knows les amis de l'ABC, as you all know. It's midday, and Marius walks along the street, deep in thought. Suddenly a child runs up to him, talking loadly and waving his arms (yeah yeah, guess who this is.. I just never *can* leave him out, can I? *smile*).

GAVROCHE: Marius! Where in the hell have you been keeping yourself?

MARIUS: (looking up, confused) What?

GAVROCHE: (stops in front of him, with a discontent look on his face) Marius.

MARIUS: Ehm.. (looking rather astonished, glacing around, lifting his hands as an excuse to his confused air) May I ask...

GAVROCHE: Who I am? Huh! You know me, sir, just as well as I know you, I must insist. But I hear you are so lost in love that I will forgive you for your unconciousness. I am Gavroche, remember? And while I am at it, remember all your friends at le Musain?

MARIUS: What, Courfeyrac.. les amis de l'ABC? Yes, what... I don't quite follow. What is this. Have I met you before?

GAVROCHE: (sighs heavily and leans up against a street wall) I am quite known among them, *sir*. I am with them a lot, at least more than you are! I know their *secret* places and hide-outs, so don't you try. I am Gavroche, as I mentioned, and you are Marius - Monsieur Marius as someone calls you. Now where have you been lately? We haven't seen you at the cafe. And I believe those guys at the cafe need all the help they can get.. (laughs quietly)

MARIUS: Oh well, I just haven't.. been in the mood of going there. I don't know... how is Courfeyrac? Is he well?

GAVROCHE: He's swell, so is everybody else. They stopped talking about you a while ago. Guess they lost their hopes! But Grantaire told me some stuff about you that he had heard from Joly who heard it straight from Courfeyrac, and that stuff was that you are in love with some woman. Who's she?

MARIUS: (still confused by this boy's curiosity over his life..) Ehm, I don't... what are you talking about? I am.. oh, this girl. I saw her in Luxembourg. I remember you now, don't I. You hung around with that drunkard.. Grantaire?

GAVROCHE: Everyone. Now who's she?

MARIUS: I don't know her name. She's a rich lady... I don't know where she lives (loses his mind thinking of her and starts walking again, but Gavroche comes after him and stops him).

GAVROCHE: (laughs) The dilemma of love! Well well... so a man falls in love and forgets about his friends. I hope this will never happen to us all. I know les amis de l'ABC are strong men, but their intentions may not be so strong when a female comes in sight!

MARIUS: (smiles at him) Well.. be happy as long as you a little.

GAVROCHE: I am no smaller than you are, beware! My mind is greater than yours. I am determined to stay with my friends and fight till the end when their revolution arrives! (to himself:) Although that Enjolras won't listen to any of that. He will see!

MARIUS: Gavroche, mind you telling me why you stopped me? Do you have any intention with me?

GAVROCHE: Yes, sir. I, among others, wondered where you have kept yourself. I wasn't on a look-out for you, but as I saw you here I couldn't control myself. I see now that it is this little girl who distracts your mind from the red thoughts. My friends are missing your company, ‘Monsieur Marius'. I will tell them their suspicions weren't untrue (smiles, but starts as he sees Éponine, who shows up on the other side of the pavement).

MARIUS: Are you leaving? Wait - tell Courfeyrac I am eager to see him someday.

GAVROCHE: That would be a lie - (He stops and watches Éponine cross the road towards them and waits for her, expecting her to scold him. He doesn't know about her knowledge to Marius - let's say he has never seen Marius live as his family's neighbour.)

MARIUS: (smiles again) Well, give him my regards... oh! (he turns as Éponine gently touches his arm and pulls back)

ÉPONINE: Hello, Monsieur Marius.

MARIUS: Éponine! Good day to you.

ÉPONINE: How have you been? I haven't seen you for quite a while.

(Gavroche watches them suspiciously, then bursts out:)

GAVROCHE: Marius! She cannot be the *little girl*, can she?

MARIUS: What? (turns to him and blushes) Oh, no, this is my neighbour.

GAVROCHE: (clicks his tongue) Of course. You said she was rich! And a lady! What a mistaker I am...

ÉPONINE: What are you doing here? (to her brother)

GAVROCHE: (quick) Nothing. Talking to Marius.

ÉPONINE: (to Marius again) How have you been then?

MARIUS: Fine, thank you. And you?

ÉPONINE: I am alright, as always. I -

MARIUS: (suddenly filled with other thoughts, and finding that he is late for something) Excuse me, but I must be going. I am not very well today.

ÉPONINE: But, are you ill? Monsieur Marius, will you be alright? (not really worried, but her eyes widen and she backs away from him, really wanting to feel his brow..)

MARIUS: Yes, I am fine, ‘Ponine, please don't worry. (By him saying her name, her face lightens)

GAVROCHE: So she is your *neighbour*! That makes no sence. Then you live -

MARIUS: I am truly sorry, but I must go. Give my regards to your friends, Gavroche.

GAVROCHE: Good luck with your lady! (he laughs as Marius leaves. Then he starts again, trying to get away, but Éponine holds him back)

ÉPONINE: Wait! What were you doing talking to him?

GAVROCHE: What were you doing interrupting us?

ÉPONINE: Gavroche! Tell me, please. Why, do you know him? (she is less hostile than he expected her to be...)

GAVROCHE: Not so well. He is a friend of my friends.

ÉPONINE: Courfeyrac?

GAVROCHE: You are brighter than I thought you were! Now I must leave you. Will you let go of me?

ÉPONINE: Do you know where he keeps himself?

GAVROCHE: He is only in love, ‘Ponine. With a *lady* (jerks away from her and smiles brightly).

ÉPONINE: I know that (she looks down, but up again fast. She lets go of her brother and starts crossing the road).

GAVROCHE: Where are you going?

ÉPONINE: Don't you care...

GAVROCHE: Are you angry with me again?

ÉPONINE: (turns, but the look in her eyes shows no interest of him) I don't know...

GAVROCHE: Alas! My assuming that you are bright was wrong! See you around! (runs away down the street, while Éponine slowly wanders the other way.)

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