Ellinor&Maria's Summer In Great Britain

IT'S OVER!!!!! :¨(((

. We - me and my [best] friend Ellinor planned this since we were in the 8. grade - 3 years ago. The idea came up because we were crazy about ROBIN HOOD - Prince Of Thieves.... so we wanted to visit his home, the Sherwood Forest!

What we did the different places:

Scotland - We visited the homes and places of our hero William Wallace! And, not to mention, Nessie has always made us curious... now we are sure she's there! She waved to Ellinor, or so it seems. :)

York - we went there cos I've been there once before I love the city. We slept over at a nice lady's house, who helped to prove to us the hospitality of the englishmen as well as the Scots'. She simply let us stay in her home the night, and refuse to let us pay her. Long live the Lady of York!

Nottingham - we played Robin Hood, Will Scarlet, Marion and Wulf! What else could we think of? I am serious - we ran about and *played* in Sherwood. It was amazing as we thought it would be! :P ... we senced the spirit of Robin as well ...

Manchester Just slept there one night. Met a cool guy, Rick. My love to you, baby. :)

Brighton We were searching for the sun, but we never found it. Instead we ended up in a great hostel full of beautiful men, called 'Traveller's Rest'. It's inexpensive and everything -- go there whoever reads all this boring stuff! :) We also ate a pizza with eggs on it in Ellinor's bed, and shopped too much.

London - we *are* tourists. So we wanted to see Big Ben and all that, and we *did* - on the bus back and forth to and from Woolwich - where we lived. But we never got the chance to do much else tourist-stuff. We saw Miss Saigon and Les Misérables, of course; one of the main reasons at least *I* went to this marvellous city ... I ... I have no words. Les Miz was as wonderful as always, and the best Valjean I have ever heard performed the role. His name's Stig Rossen and he's also performed the role of Anton Fugger in Which Witch, my absolute favorite Norwegian musical. I will create a page for this year's Les Miz as soon as I get the time! *g*


These are the musicals we wanted to see:










We tried to see Rent, but it ended up with Miss Saigon. Martin Guerre wasn't on anymore *sigh* and apart from that, we had no more money!

London was my best help of getting to love Les Miz in the first place (3 years ago) - I am forever thankful. The stage in Palace Theater make me realize things about my own life that I would not have realized on my own. If anyone who reads this page ever goes there - take my advice and visit Les Misérables. It will change your life...



Do you hear the people sing?

Singing the song of angry men

It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again!

When the beating of your heart

Echoes the beating of the drums

There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!



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