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King Ghidorah's Sound Page

I will be getting better quality sounds for you very soon!
Anguirus 34 kb
Baby Godzilla 77 kb
Biollante 44 kb
Destroyer 48 kb
Ebirah 21 kb
Godzilla's death cry from Godzilla 1985 80 kb
Gaborah 27 kb
Gigan 33 kb
Gimantis 13 kb
Gorosaurus 52 kb
Godzilla Roar 1 20 kb
Godzilla Roar 229 kb
Godzilla Roar 320 kb
Godzilla Roar 461 kb
Godzilla Roar 5 (from G vs. Biollante)91 kb
King Ghidorah's Roar38 kb
King Ghidorah 238 kb
King Ghidorah ('91)87 kb
Hedorah 20 kb
Junior Godzilla 29 kb
King Kong 39 kb
Little Godzilla 26 kb
The New Mechagodzilla 39 kb
Megalon 38 kb
Minya 21 kb
Mothra 35 kb
Godzilla's roar from the American Movie 104 kb
Rodan 46 kb
Space Godzilla 35 kb
Spiega 14 kb
Titanosaurus 29 kb
One of the funniest lines in the new seriesRight here!77 kb
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