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Noah's Flood: The Evidence

How about the hard evidence, you ask?

Surprisingly, there is a strong case that Noah's Ark still exsists today. I know it is difficult to believe but over the centuries there has been multiple and credible sightings of a "boat" on top of... you guessed it, Mt. Ararat in present day Turkey. Below is a link to a well made listing of the modern day eyewitness accounts of sightings of a boat on top of Mt. Ararat.

Eyewitness Accounts of Noah's Ark in Modern Times

Also, More detailed descriptions of eyewitness accounts of Ark sightings over the years.

Below, are some photos of a boat as seen by U2 spy aircraft in 1949. In the photos, an obvious box boat-like structure sticks out of the ice near the top of the mountain.

...and a closeup view of the same image...

One of the earliest recorded references to the Ark still being around can be found in the writings of Flavius Josephus in his book, "The Antiquities of the Jews", Book 1 Chapter 3 v5 - v6 where he details some of the earliest known accounts of the presence of Noah's Ark in the Armenian mountains where Mt. Ararat is located.
"However, the Armenians call this place, The Place of Descent; for the ark being saved in that place, its remains are shown there by the inhabitants to this day.
6. Now all the writers of barbarian histories make mention of this flood, and of this ark; among whom is Berosus the Chaldean. For when he is describing the circumstances of the flood, he goes on thus: "It is said there is still some part of this ship in Armenia, at the mountain of the Cordyaeans; and that some people carry off pieces of the bitumen, which they take away, and use chiefly as amulets for the averting of mischiefs." Hieronymus the Egyptian also, who wrote the Phoenician Antiquities, and Mnaseas, and a great many more, make mention of the same. Nay, Nicolaus of Damascus, in his ninety-sixth book, hath a particular relation about them; where he speaks thus: "There is a great mountain in Armenia, over Minyas, called Baris, upon which it is reported that many who fled at the time of the Deluge were saved; and that one who was carried in an ark came on shore upon the top of it; and that the remains of the timber were a great while preserved. This might be the man about whom Moses the legislator of the Jews wrote.' ".
This was written in the 1st century AD by the Jewish historian in his book detailing the history of the Jews to his Roman and Greek contemporaries.

You may wonder how something made of wood at least thousands of years old could have survived for so long?

The answer lies in two factors. One... Most eyewitness accounts agree, the Ark is encased or is protruding from a glacier. Two... When the Ark was built, the Bible states that Noah covered the inside and outside in tar and bitumen. As presented on this page, and pretty much any other petrification page you find, wood turns to stone when it is encased in either/or ice and tar.

That's it for now. More to come soon as I get it all sorted out. Keep in touch!

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