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Evolution and Early Earth

This section will explore the early development of Earth, including information on Evolution, geology, and archaeology. I do this to try to tell the other story of Evolution which today's schools try to avoid.  This section like the rest of the page, is still under construction. New pages and changes to exsisting ones will be on the way. These changes will be noted on the Main Page in the section bracketed with the rainbow bars.

The search for early human history is a puzzel with millions of pieces and no picture to go by. The first 3 million years of proposed human ancestor fossils can fit inside a shoebox, (excluding "Lucy"), as reported in TIME Magazine. Then most of the 1500 individuals for which we have fossils, are represented by single teeth. An actual skull or complete jawbone is a prized find to archaeologist. With this sparse evidence, archaeologist have to piece together the story of the supposed 4 million year human history.

Take for instance, if a future archaeologist was trying to learn about the 20th Century Man and was only able to find the fossilized teeth and a thighbone of a NBA basketball player. The future would then deduce that the people of this time averaged 7 feet tall. Or what if they found the jaw and thighbone of a horse jockey? 20th Century Man would be classified as being only 5 feet tall. You would say, "They only saw one person in the whole 6 billion of us, so how can they presume to classify us all by that one person's characteristics?" This is what modern archaeologist have to do today since a loose tooth or armbone or legbone are the only things being found up until about 1 million BC (around Homo Erectus). From these bits and pieces, whole chunks of human history are being written. What other choice do scientists have but to do this since they refuse to include the power of a Supreme Being.?

In the coming days, I will outline and show what the archaeologist have found so far and any deductions drawn from it. You may choose to go directly to the following pages, or you may go through them one by one in succession.

  1. The Mammals
  2. The Human Family Tree
  3. The Peopling of the Americas
  4. Whales in History
  5. The Peopling of Austraila (including a section on "Lucy")
  6. A Molecular Look at Evolution
  7. Quotes from the Experts
  8. News from Evolution
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