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A New Timeline?

        Based on my research and deep thought, I have come to a different conclusion reguarding the timeline of Israel's time in Egypt which I believe more correctly matches the Biblical story and accepted History.

1800's BC -
Joseph comes into the service of either the Pharoah Sestrosis III or Amenemhet III

1790's BC -
Jacob and all of Joseph's family is moved into the choicest of lands in all of Egypt....the  Delta  Region because of the good things Joseph did for his King.

1790 - 1560's BC -
Other Asiatics move into the Delta Region of Egypt because Egypt has found new openness for them, due in part to Joseph's success. The Asiatics who flood the Delta gradually gain power and take control from the ruling Pharoahs. They establish their own Dynasties and have since been named, the Hyksos.

c.1600 BC -
Moses born near Thebes under the rule of the native Pharoah. **possibly Kamose**. Due to increased hostilities and dislike of the Hyksos, Kamose ordered the midwives of the Asiatic to kill all male children born to them. However, the midwives did not do as they were told. When Moses was born, his mother tried to save him by putting him in a basket and setting him afloat in the Nile. Then to watch over him, she sent his sister to see what happened to him. The basket floated downstream from Thebes and floated into the lands ruled by the Hyksos Pharoahs. The Daughter of Pharoah **possibly Apepi I or II ** found Moses and adopted him. He was then raised in the court of the Hyksos Pharoah.

1580's BC -
Moses kills the Egyptian Official who was beating two Hebrew. He then flees the anger of the Hyksos Pharoah into the Sinai Desert and lives with the Midianites.

1560's BC -
The Thebean Pharoahs Kamose and Ahmose go to war with the Hyksos and surround them in their strong captial city of Avaris in the Delta. As Pharoah moves into the Delta Region, he oppresses and enslaves the resident Asiatics including the Israelites.

1550's BC -
Moses hears God's command that he free his People from the confines of Egypt, and so he returns to Egypt.

Moses, formerly of the Hyksos court, gets audience with Ahmose and tells him to let his People go. Ahmose, who is about to win the war with the Hyksos and gain complete control, refuses Moses order. Moses then promises plagues and signs from the heavens if he again refuses. Ahmose refused again.

God then causes the largest volcanic eruption in human history, the likes of which and scale of which have never been matched. The eruption caused the plagues to fall upon Egypt and shook the Egyptians to their core. Ahmose agrees to let Moses take his people and leave, along with all of the other Hyksos/Asiatics. They even were allowed to take what they wanted of gold, silver, and finery - just to get them to leave and do it quickly.

Pharoah Ahmose then is greatly humiliated at having an Asiatic/Hyksos god be stronger than all of the Egyptian gods combined (including himself). As well as he allowed them to go and to basically plunder Egypt in the process. So in his anger he rides after them. The bulk of the Hyksos leave along "The Way of Horus" which hugs the coastline to Canaan. Moses takes the Israelites to the south, into the deserts of the Sinai, so Ahmose sends the heart of his army after the Hyksos and sends just a contingent of chariots after the Israelites and Moses. Afterall, the Israelites were just refugees and unarmed so they would be easy prey for a few thousand chariots.

The chariots however are swallowed by the Red Sea and the Israelites escape to spend the next 40 years in the desert.

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