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The Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi


In May, 1989 Georgian Patriarchate, the authorities of Tbilisi, the council of architecture announced an international contest for the project of the "Holy Trinity Cathedral". More than a hundred authorized projects were submitted to the contest. No winner was chosen at the first round of the contest, at the second round the project of architect Archil Mindiashvili won.

The "Holy Trinity Cathedral" will be built in Tbilisi on Elia Mountain (with the territory of 9 hectares). The church will be situated in the center of the lot. It is situated on the Eastern axis of Funicular and the Church of St. David. The axis joins Baratashvili Bridge and crowns it.

Visually, the Cathedral will be seen from various districts of the city. A vast spiritual and monastic center should be erected here according to the master plan. In addition to the Cathedral there will also be: the wooden Church of St. Ilia Tesbiteli, Patriarch's residency - apartments, the school of clerical art, different workshops, places for rest, etc.

The "Holy Trinity Cathedral" is the continuation of Georgian clerical architectural traditions which are realized at present. It represents the synthesis of various architectural styles. The dome lies on 8 columns and creates the center. There are gates on 3 sides of the church. One may go downstairs from the gates. Downstairs space is divided in two. Here the church museum and underground church can be situated.

The inner perimeter of the church is 56 m X 44 m. The space totals 2'380 square meters (2'603 yard). The inner height is 56 m. (62 yard)The underground section occupies 35'550 cubic meters (38'878 yard). The height is 10.2 m. (11.2 yard). Natural materials are used for construction. The floor will be made of marble tiles. The church will also be decorated with mosaic.

The project author is Archil Mindiashvili; the Head Constructor Ermaz Kiziria. At present the project is being elaborated at the architectural center of the Georgian Patriarchate (Head architect - A. Mindiashvili).

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