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Campbell's Highlander Basics

As a proud member of the Church of Darius, Clan MacWench, Clan Mac WoW, Clan MacBBGL, Clan MacMINT, Clan Denial, Watcher researcher for Duncan McLeod, protector of his friendship with Methos, his personal massuese on the Immortal Love Train, Methos Lover #8, Duchess of Argyll, loyal subject of Gulmaram the Immortal Gypsy Queen, and keeper of Duncan's Haven I present a brief but complete listing of characters. Phew, I'm out of breath.

Adrian Paul as Duncan McLeod

Adrian Paul plays the immortal Duncan McLeod who was born the the highlands of Scotland in 1592. Duncan is noted for his many loves--Deborah, Little Deer, Tessa, Anne, and finally his immortal companion, Amanda. Adrian is rumored to be working on the fourth Highlander film with fellow MacLeod Christopher Lambert

Jim Byrnes as Joe Dawson

Jim plays Duncan's watcher Joe who spends his days tracking Duncan and his adventures as well as chronicaling the immortals whom Duncan beheads. He was recruited as a watcher because of a war injury which left him with no legs. In real life Jim Byrnes is an accomplished jazz musican with album "That River" on the market.

Peter Wingfield as Methos/Adam Pierson

Peter plays Methos, the oldest living immortal, who is trying to protect his identity by pretending to be the watcher Adam Pierson. Adam's primary job is locating Methos. His on and off character adds depth and allure to the show as well as gives Duncan much needed advice. He is also well worshipped among the Sisters.

Stan Kirsch as Richie Ryan

Richie was taken in by Duncan and Tessa, where he learned of his immortality. Duncan took him under his wing and taught him the rules of the Game. Outside of Highlander Stan guest starred in a hilarious "Friends" episode fondly known as the Ick Factor. In the final season Stan's character has sadly been written out.

Elizabeth Gracen as Amanda 

This wiley thief is now the main character in the spin-off Highlander: The Raven

Campbell's Highlander Road Map