My latest interview is with lead singer of TUFF - Stevie Rachelle. To understand parts of the interview better, you might want to read the interview Metal Sludge did with Stevie back in '98 - Click Here! My questions are in green, and Stevies answers are in orange.

1.) For the latest news, people can go to your website, but is there anything else going on you'd like to talk about?

Yeah there are a few things like TUFF playing some West coast shows and some Midwest dates in early April. All of this will be posted at so if you want updates, please go visit now! :)

2.) Which people have influenced you the most, musically?

VAN HALEN & Dave, The Crue, and alot of 80s Metal bands. Also some early 80s stuff like DEVO, THE B-52s, THE SURFPUNKS, THE CLASH, and numerous others.

3.) In your '98 interview with Metal Sludge, they asked you a few questions (as if you were Bret Michaels) and you responded with "Oh yeah we also got labeled the Poison clones, however I can sing circles around Bret and don't wear a head band during sex!" and "Maybe you should ask the little guy Speilberg wannabe himself. " Are there any hard feelings between you and POISON because of being labelled? or was it all in good fun?

No bad feelings between TUFF and POISON that I know of, C.C. & Rikki have always been very cool to me and our band in general. Bret on the other hand is a different story. It's due to some personal things and would you be surprised if I told you it had to do with girls we both dated?

4.) "Let me quote Motley Crue "Just cause I'm wearing make-up does'nt mean I can't kick your ass!"" was another thing you said in the Metal Sludge interview. That's the most legit statement I've heard in awhile!! Have there ever been any problems with rowdy fans or people who didn't like TUFF??

Yeah like Cincinnati, Minneapolis, Denver, San Bernadino, Hollywood and I'm sure a few others. I don't claim to be Mike Tyson but let's just say that a few smart asses have felt my wrath. Robbie Crane has personally been on hand two times and stopped me from severly hospitalizing two different guys. Thanks Crane. :)

5.) Did you do your own website (design)? I've noticed a trend that more rockers are getting involved with more things now. They're not just leaving it up to companies.

No, actually one of my dearest friends in the whole world did the entire thing for me. I love her endlessly and she rules! Except when I'm arguing with her.

6.) What do you do in your spare time? Is skydiving/bungee jumping still part of that? I've always wanted to try bungee jumping but couldn't get up the nerve at that moment! haha.

No, those isolated incidents have not been repeated. Would I do them again? Maybe, but I feel risks have to be taken but some limits have to be controlled. Jumping off buildings and out of airplanes is no easy task. I have both on video to re-live the whole ordeal if I want.

7.) What's the most bizarre thing you've seen from the stage?

An empty room! No, actually I'd have to say other rockers watching me perform. Alec John Such of BON JOVI came to see TUFF in New Jersey, Jason Newsted came to see us in Oakland, Rob Halford in Phoenix and several others. Seeing some of these musicians in the audience makes you work hard and it's always interesting to hear their opinions.

8.) How about your most embarassing onstage moment?

Tripping as I ran onto the stage in Pittsburgh. My entrance was made as a face first swan dive into the monitors. I didn't even reach my mic stand. I was flat on my face, man I love stuff like that.

9.) One of my favorite songs is 'Another Mans Gun'. What about you? - which song are you most proud of?

So Many Seasons, I Hate Kissing..., Tied to the Bells, The All New Generation, Two Peanuts on the Floor, Harbor Valley, Tova, Little Black Light, and Where the Hell is Neenah.

10.) You've done some work with Bruce Kulick... What's next?

Actually, we just played some shows on a small tour in Germany & Holland in 2000. It was great and Bruce is a VERY cool and great guy to say the least.

11.) What's in your CD player tonight? (saying dust doesn't count either! haha)


12.) What would your ideal line-up be?

Not that they'd ever want me in their ideal line-up but...Nikki Sixx / Bass, Steve Stevens / Guitar, Vic Foxx / Drums & "me" all of us from the 1989 era!

13.) If you could change 1 thing about the world today, what would it be?


14.) Any advice for aspiring singers?

Take lessons, be open minded and don't be afraid to work with other musicians, writers, managers or producers. No matter what their background is. Alot of guys think if someone is not 100% up their alley as far as image, age, etc... goes that they will not be a good match or of any help to them. Some great musical knowledge is in the mind of Mr. Pearlman. He is 40-50 years old, fat and probably couldn't sing or dance to save his life. But, he is responsible for putting together some of the biggest selling bands in the modern era.

15.) Whats the tuff-est thing about being in a band?

Getting along and agreeing. It's like a marriage. Only there are 3,4, 5 or more minds that have to be on the same page.

16.) In the Nov. 2000 issue of Metal Edge magazine, Round-up posed the question "If money were no object, where would you live?" You answered " Right here in Southern California. However, in Bel Air instead of Van Nuys". What is it about California thats so appealing to you?

The temperature for starters, opportunity and this is the entertainment capital of the world.

17.) If you could tell readers 1 thing that they don't already know about you, what would it be?

That I'm chewing big red gum right now on 2-17-2001 @ 3:27 PM (PST) Oh yeah, and that my web site is open 24/7/365 @

What a cool interview - Thanks Stevie and best of luck!!

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